An enchanting woodland where whimsical butterflies flit and flutter is the perfect setting for little fairies to frolic at. Monique of Bash Party Styling recreated the mystical beauty of the woodlands at Hadley’s 7th birthday, by planning a splendid Butterfly Party for her. Join us as we take a look at the pictures of this day, and get ready to be inspired.

Set amidst the lush green foliage of the woods is a divinely delicious cake on a tree stump. A magnificent green monarch butterfly beckons the guests to a spectacular spread of sweet delicacies. More tiny butterflies flutter over fairy cakes, while some sit still on candy sticks.

I love Monique’s idea of using this charming nest of twigs with a skirting of green moss to hold sugar frosted doughnuts. The little green butterfly on the cupcake beside it and the twigs that stretch out of the nest look surprisingly original. The arrangement may be simple, but it is welcoming.

Now, here is a feast fit for a fairy. An assortment of candy treats occupy pretty glass jars, each of which is wrapped in green to match the theme of the party. The towering green toadstool, burlap table cover and the golden branches that spread out from the glistening golden pot have a vintage charm. Wildflowers dance across the table, forming a bunting that gives the perfect finishing touches to the display.

From up close, this sponge cake is simple but effective. The casual spread of frosting to sandwich the cake layers renders an effortless originality that works well with this theme. The two friendly butterflies fluttering beside the shimmering “7” look authentic. Sprigs of green foliage on the tree stump are an interesting addition to the cake display.

Another nest of twigs houses bite-sized chocolates. I liked the idea of placing the moss-lined nest on an upturned twig basket to create a cohesive look. This could easily belong in a fairytale forest, where little squirrels and gnomes prance around.

No little fairy can resist the charm of these fairy cupcakes with pretty red butterflies that are ready to fly away. As we can see in this picture, Monique has used various shades of green in the décor and this makes the setting look original. It also forms a stunning backdrop for the white and red combination of the cupcakes.

Here are some fantastic costumes for the little girls who attend the party. Each guest gets to pick her own butterfly outfit, complete with wings, a floral headband and ballerina skirt. They have been created in a rainbow of colors to ensure each little butterfly looks unique and attractive.

And here are our little butterflies all set to celebrate Hadley’s big day. Don’t they look adorable with their pretty poufy skirts and cute little butterfly wings?

This brings us to the end of our journey through the delightfully beautiful woodland filled with magical butterflies. Wasn’t that amazing? We now have enough ideas to set up our own woodland party.   If you happen to live in the Medford, Oregon area, you can hire Bash Party Styling to create a party like this for you.  Thank you Monique for sharing these pictures with us.

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If you are looking for meaningful teacher appreciation gifts, my friend Kristen created a very special one.   Each bag comes complete with a poem, photo of her adorable son and treats.

She got some gift bags at Target and only paid .38, as they were on sale.  She added Boom Chicka Pop popcorn, Hershey’s Nuggets, and individually wrapped biscotti.

Next was the bag decor.  Kristen started with a beautiful poem and printed in on colored paper.  She trimmed the edges with scalloped scissors and glued the poem to the paper.  The finishing touch…a photo of her son. the bags and the bottom line.

You can actually fill these bags with just about anything you think your child’s teachers would like.
A combination of creativity, craftiness and thoughtfulness makes this the perfect teacher appreciation gift.  Thanks, Kristin for allowing me to share this.


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