Boys and bikes are made for each other! If you have a little Harley Davidson fan in your midst, why not consider a motorcycle themed party for his next birthday? That’s exactly what Paula of Frog Prince Paperie did for Brennan’s 4th birthday. Let us kick-start our ride through the pictures of this fun-filled party.

The main buffet arrangement is an intense combination of blacks, blues and whites on a wild red background. The customized birthday poster in blue, with the birthday boy’s name printed below a motorbike, calls attention to the theme of the party. This poster is framed by black flames on either side and mini-buntings in biking style.

The birthday treats are placed beneath the poster on oil cans of various sizes, with printed wrappers in the same color theme. The entire arrangement is neat and balanced, forming a brilliant display.

Two designs are used on the mini-buntings. The first is the trademark checkerboard pattern in black and white. The second bunting is of black flames on a blue background.

This photo frame is an awesome selection, which perfectly replicates the details of a bike chain. The party-goers are treated to some dress-up fun. They get sunglasses, scarves and biker T-shirts to look like little bikers themselves. All the packs containing these items have motorcycle labels that are personalized with the guests’ names. What a clever idea!

Party favors are CD’s with ‘tunes for the road’. The CD covers are customized with the flame design that. It even contains a picture of the birthday boy in his biker attire—everyone is bound to remember this fabulous party every time they see this CD.

Cupcakes and cookies are a treat for the eyes, before they make their way into little tummies! They have customized toppers with the birthday boy’s initials and age shining through the rest of the details. The cupcake cases are also designed to match the theme.

There’s no denying that these bright red flaming macaroons look amazing.

Frozen yogurt fruit pops sprinkled with nuts are arranged on a tray—easy to grab and devour.

How’s a biker to look the part without tattoos? Paula’s arranged for the children to have their share of inking fun at a tattoo station!

Motorcycle waterbottle wrappers make waterbottles part of the fun.

The table is set with a checkerboard tablecloth in red and white and little centerpieces with black and white checkerboard flags. Floating bike balloons complete the arrangement perfectly.

The cake is executed with simplicity, but the miniature motorcycle model and customized cake topper make it a very interesting display.

A biker burger bar has an interesting selection of fillers, and allows the bikers to satisfy their appetites.

We’ve vroomed to the end of our ride through Brennan’s birthday party. I am awed by Paula’s eye for details. Every element was executed perfectly, and now its your turn to try it all out. Thank you Paula for sharing the pictures of this bold and brilliant party with us!

If you are seeking ready-made motorcycle favors check out these biker favorites.  Click on the photo to be directed to the items.


Weddings are occasion to go grand with glitz and glamour, and a bling theme is just perfect for this event. Shawn Taylor, Event Designer at K & K Creative Designs in Harper Woods, Michigan has shared her fabulous ideas for a bling theme wedding.

Click on the image to enlarge photo and see product details.

This is a magnificent table that effuses grandeur from every angle. Black and yellow make a sophisticated combination and the sprinkling of silver throughout adds a touch of glamor to complete the effect. The yellow surface atop an exceptional black and white ornate print on a black background  is exquisite. The towering flower arrangement in the center is a happy marriage of black and white, and the drama is played out beautifully by the ornate and ununusual vase that houses a sphere of blooms in rich ivory. The trees on either side of the flower arrangement form a striking display element in black embellished with a band of silver and sparkling crystals hanging from the branches.

The candle holders with a frosted base of silver glitter are charming. More shine is incorporated through shimmering silver bags, and the tall silver ornate candle holder rising behind the champagne glasses is a fine addition. The delicate designs on all the tea light holders add more bling. The care for detail is evident in the beautiful stone ring that is wrapped around the napkin, it has a magical touch to it.

The tiered display of water bottles have been customized with labels in black, yellow and silver. These simple elements transform a simple object into pictures of elegance.

These celebratory champagne bottles embellished with sparkling silver and black glitter, have an element of pizzazz. The customized labeling of “mr & mrs” add the finishing touches to this designer bottle.  Notice that the stems of the glasses are customized with the same ornate print as on the table and chairs, making it a unique display.   Shawn made these, believe it or not!

Shawn reveals how she has glorified a simple teapot and made it splendid. A coating of sparkling glitter in red and gold transforms the plain glass into a dazzling beauty. The lid, handle and the spout are touched up in gold. The completed design is placed in a golden plate with a center in red, to create a spectacular centerpiece.

K & K Creative is known for creating wonderful handmade decorations in a very creative way for brides and party hosts on a budget.  Shawn is super friendly too!

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