It all started with Adam Levine. You may wonder what scheduling pins has to do with Adam Levine. One of the friends I follow LOVES Adam and posts pictures of him. Lots of pictures. Day and night.  In fact, my entire Pinterest feed could have easily been filled with one photo after another of the Maroon V singer on any given day.  Anyway, since I use my Pinterest for business, I didn’t want those who follow me to have the same experience.    Then I found Viraltag pin scheduler and it made my life easier and my followers’ experience better.

First, seeing several images in a row from one pinner can get tiresome, especially if not all of your interests coincide with his or hers.  This was a problem for me in the past because I liked to spend a concentrated amount of time pinning.  With Viraltag, I can spread my pins out by scheduling them.

Secondly, not all of the people I want to reach are on Pinterest at the same time that I am.  So having the ability to schedule pins throughout the day and night has been especially beneficial.

Here are some of the simple steps involved in using Viraltag.  The first screen that pops up allows you to select one or many images that you would like to schedule.  This is great for bloggers, as most likely there is more than one image that is important to pin.

Pinterst Scheduling

After you select the photos you wish to pin, you are then taken to a screen that allows you to schedule in bulk.  It is here that you select the Pinterest boards where you would like each pin to appear.

Schedule Pins in Bulk

Once you choose the board you have two options to schedule.  If you click on “Schedule” you can select the time and day you wish your pins to go live.  If you are pinning several images in a row, you can also determine how much time in between each pin that you would like.  Just select an amount of time in the section: “Interval between Posts.”  I use the schedule function when pinning several images with a similar theme.  For example, let’s say I am spending the evening pinning about great holiday favors.  Since not everyone has interest in this topic, I spread the images out over time so that my followers are not inundated with holiday favor ideas.

Scheduling Pins

Your other option is to select the red button “Add all to Queue”  which is shown above and to the right of “Schedule.”   This is quicker than scheduling each pin.  It allows you to schedule all of your pins in bulk, one after another.  However, I only “Add all to Queue” when I am pinning a variety of images in a row, or ones with different themes.  For example, I may pin a Christmas ornament favor, next a Bar Mitzvah favor, and next a 50th birthday favor.  Once you click on “Add all to Queue” you will see this message:


If you want to see your pins on the dashboard, click on “Go to Dashboard.”  You will see the pins as well as the exact time they will appear on Pinterest.

How to schedule Pinterest Pins


That is how easy it is to schedule pins using Viraltag!


We have been seeing a trend for wedding grippy socks with brides choosing gray and white as their colors.  In the past, we have seen either white socks with an imprint color reflecting the wedding colors or bright  solid colors.  Here are a few examples of some recent orders:

The more I think about it, gray is a nice choice because it doesn’t show the dirt, especially is wedding guests are using them while dancing.


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