Football is a legacy; appreciated and enjoyed by every generation. This sport is very dear to most teens, and Jason was no exception. So, Linzi of Linzi Events, planned his Bar Mitzvah on a football theme, and it was indeed a spectacular party to celebrate this important milestone in his life. Let’s take a look.

Welcoming the guests to the event, is a giant football logo in blue and white. In an interesting spin on the favorite football channel ESPN, Jason’s big celebration is dubbed the JSPN. The blue, white and red colors of the logo introduce us to the color palette that is used in the party décor.

Linzi has used a real football helmet as the main décor element on this table displaying the seating arrangement. Little glass containers with vibrant green spider mums add a textural dimension to the otherwise smooth surfaces in this arrangement. The place cards are printed in blue on white card stock, and are arranged in an orderly fashion on the rich blue tablecloth.

How perfect is this round table arrangement? Red napkins with personalized white napkin holders add a vibrant punch of color to the blue and white décor. The centerpiece is a real football on a base of spring green spider mums, while little tea light candles add a refreshing glow to the set up.

I like this idea of calling the tables “Sections”, as is seen in real football stadiums. The same font as is used on the ESPN website is used for the table names, and it is a very neat arrangement beside the bright green grass and the leather football.

The candle-lighting ceremony is a highlight at every Bar Mitzvah. Linzi designed an exquisite display for this, by placing the candles on a glittering red base of letters that read “Jason”. The beauty of the red is enhanced by the vibrant green base of spider mums that it rests upon.

Here is a cane basket, holding the party favors for the event. Delicious white chocolate is customized with white labels that have the letter J in red. They are wrapped in plastic and decorated with beautiful red silk bows.

The guests also get to take home personalized black football jerseys with red lettering that displays the date and name of the event. Isn’t this a great party favor that will remind the guests of the entertainment they had at Jason’s party?

So, that wraps it up. Wasn’t that a fantastic football party, with simple, but striking details that packed a punch? I’m sure Jason loved the ideas that were used, just as much as we did. Great job Linzi!


My sister Sandy brought the most delicious dessert to a potluck.    She rarely has time to cook, so I knew that it would be easy.  Her “recipe” is below.

Sandy  tried 3 different variations of this recipe, for 2 different parties.  Here are the notes from her experiments and results.

1. I tried using semi sweet chocolate chips and melting them.  Then putting strawberries in fridge for storage.
Result: I thought they were good, but one guest thought the middle was too hard.
2. I tried putting magic shell in the middle of the strawberries and freezing them.
Result:  Everyone liked them except me.  I thought the strawberries themselves ended up tasting too frozen.
3. I tried doing semi sweet chips and left everything at room temperature for the party.
Result:  This was juuuuuust right!
*Cut the bit at the very bottoms of the strawberries off.  They will sit better in the egg carton.
* I prefer using semi sweet chips to anything milk chocolate.  The milk chocolate was too sweet.
*Keep left over strawberry guts and tips to eat with the leftover melted chocolate.   Mmmmm.
* You really just need a cup of chocolate chips, not a bag!!  Unless you just want to eat spoonfuls of melted chocolate (which I wouldn’t blame  you for).

Thank you Sandy for the great idea!


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