Towering bright skyscrapers, loud traffic and a city buzzing with activity—New York is a happening place like no other, and the perfect choice for a lively city theme party. Linzi of Linzi Events put together an exciting and trendy New York theme party for Dylan’s Bar Mitzvah. Join us as we head there to enjoy the sights of this grand event.

The illuminated Brooklyn bridge at sunset, and the scintillating lights of the tall buildings behind it form the amazing backdrop of the party. It instantly transports us to the city scene, with dim party lighting and carefully planned decorations perfectly recreating the city scene.

Guests sit across each other on long tables, and the arrangement is simply spellbinding with spectacular tall centerpieces. Sleek black, crystal rectangle containers house stunning clusters of tall yellow calla lilies. White flower pots with green turf and shiny red apples add dashes of color to the stylish décor. Neatly folded golden-yellow napkins hold menu cards, and tiny tea lights in glass votives add a soft glow to the tables.

I love this brilliant idea of using sheets of the New York times for the table cover. Not only does this tie to the theme, it is an unexpected and unusual choice that works brilliantly. The custom-created menu cards popped into the folds of yellow table napkins, have symbols inspired by the New York metro signage. Each place setting also includes an “I love New York” badge for the guests to take with them.

Blue light throws shadows all over the room, creating a spell-binding effect. Here, we can see one of the many large boards with graffiti and city pictures in the party theme.

Black mugs with the trademark “I love New York” print, are party favors for the guests. These also double up as accessories for the tables.

Another part of the party hall is made comfortable with lounge-style seating. Yellow light bounces of two white L-shaped sectional sofas, casting soft shadows and offering respite to the guests when they want to relax for some time. Behind the couch are small garden tables with checkerboard table cloth and beach umbrellas.

Miniature models of the iconic yellow and black New York city taxis, are party favors at the event. The cabs are perfect replicas of the original, with every small detail being perfect. It is attached to a black base with street signs in red and white at every turn. Also notice the typical roof light sign replaced by a colorful “Dylan” signboard. Wasn’t that a great way to customize these party favors!

Cool Party Favors carries some great diecast New York taxi cabs here.

I hope you enjoyed touring this party with us. Don’t you think Linzi did a great job in creating a party that perfectly replicated the city that never sleeps—New York! Great job Linzi!


Patricia Couteiro of Com Amor and Carinho brought a splendid summer beach theme party in a refreshing color palette of sea blue, green and sand to life. From the whimsical backdrop of paper fans, to delightful starfish cookies, there is so much we loved about this cool party. Please do come along and see it for yourself.

Set against a magnificent backdrop of quaint paper fans in an assortment of sizes, is a spectacular spread of delectable treats in the coolest blues and greens. Beautiful cupcakes, blue lemonade, a sea-worthy cake, macaroons and cake pops are some of the desserts neatly arranged on a light, breezy table cloth that reminds us of the foamy ocean waves dancing in the breeze.

How original are these cupcake cases that weave together the magical colors of the ocean in a layered wavy fashion! A sprinkling of sea blue decorates the luscious white frosting, and a starfish topper adds the finishing touches to this decadent dessert.

The dreamy sands of the beach come alive in this charming cookie arrangement on a sandy base, which is authentic in every way. Elegant starfish and butter cookies with happy sea-horses are vying for attention, but I think the sea shells are the stars of the show in their exquisite originality and elegance. Dessert labels custom created in the color palette form a beautiful addition to the arrangement.

Refreshing blue lemonade is served to the guests in clear glass bottles. Notice the remarkable addition of the blue and white chevron straws with light blue sea-horses dangling at the very top? It is simply superb!

This Lime and Lemon Cake with Italian meringue buttercream, is a masterpiece of blue and green hues that exemplify the ocean’s splendor. The cake is adorned with paper fans as the topper, while a sprinkling of sand, a buoyant sea-horse and two sleepy starfish decorate the base.

These soft and sculpted white cake pops look divine, perched on a white square plate with wavy edges. The sea creatures on the side and the blue sea-horses on the sticks tell us how all the details are simply perfect.

Orange and sea green stripes decorate eclairs with mint and lime cream. They look too good to eat!

Guests take home sand colored and blue French macaroons with delicious Pina Colada cream.  Packed into transparent boxes with a burlap twine and a sea-horse striped card, they are perfect for an after-party treat.

Milk chocolate bars in custom-made covers are arranged on a base of transparent pebbles. Opaque blue starfish and sea shells help to recreate the ocean floor effect with perfection.

Now, wasn’t that an awesome ocean-theme summer beach party? Just looking at these pictures reminds me of the swishing of frothy sea waves, full of fun and frolic. We must appreciate Patricia for her perfect eye for detail and superb execution of ideas. It was a job well done indeed!


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