Celebrating a birthday is always fun, irrespective of how old you are! However, it is not everyday that you come across a party for a grown-up, that brings out the child in you! If you thought super heroes were for children, think again! Brittany of Grey-Grey Designs, came up with some awesome ideas for a colorful, fun-filled and Glamorous 40th Birthday Party and has been kind enough to share them with us!

The main buffet table and background are so original that they seem to have popped out of an actual super hero comic book! Bright accents of yellow and occasional glimpses of white,  in a setting of blue and red make an exquisite picture from end to end. The spread is set against the backdrop of a red sky in a night city scene with lights twinkling in windows. It will have you wondering if you’ve actually walked into a comic strip!

The straight lines of the clear rectangular jar contrast beautifully with the colorful splash of the M&M’s contained within. The ‘Super Sister’ Bubble in yellow and white, with light blue lettering cannot be overlooked. A wonderful idea to display words in the setting!

In keeping with the theme, the party napkins are a flurry of color and have been designed exquisitely to fit the arrangement.

Popping on the plate are Storms’ Peppermint patties. A simple display, but one that packs a punch!

No party is complete without candy bars, and ‘Cat woman’s candy bars’ are a vibrant display of Crunch bars sandwiched between chocolates in customized orange wrappers, bringing more striking color to the show!

Lollipops customized with ‘Pow’ stickers in red and yellow, and a Super Mom signage stand out to grab attention in a blue container filled with red  paper shredding.

More fun with candy continues with Wonder woman’s lassos, in yellow and red. The names selected merge perfectly with the theme, and add even more fun to the setting.

Party favors are packs of red sweets in transparent bags tied with yellow sashes and placed in bright blue SuperD containers that continue the excitement.

This display of a dark blue cardboard building is a perfect extension of the background, and it is just brilliant! The party favors in customized Super D containers and the spread of candy beneath it make a vibrant combination.

Popcorns ignite the picture with a Bang of bright colors and loud graphics. Note the colorful Cartoon of the birthday girl beside it-the only word that comes to mind is WOW!

The birthday banner is  bright and proceeds with the same theme as the rest of the party. A bold yellow box which resembles the Title of a comic strip in all it’s grandeur, has been executed in style to wish the Birthday girl on her special day!

The personalized birthday bunting is a sprinkling of bold italic letters on plain and polka dot patterns in various colors. It hangs over a horizon of towering sky scrapers.

Now, here’s a cake befitting a real Superwoman! The pure white frosting draws focus to the “Super D” lettering in blue on a yellow diamond with a bright red border. Fireworks of exploding words on the surface make it even more dramatic. This is a showstopper!

Brittany has done a commendable job, leaving us inspired to go wild with color and tone up the fun factor at our next party! We thank her once again, for sharing the pictures of this fun-filled celebration with us.


Know someone fabulous who is about to turn 50? Then it’s time for a fun Martini 50th Birthday Party like the one created by the talented planners at Party Perfect.  The dancing, the lights… what better setting than a smooth lounge?  The stained glass light fixtures cast an enchanting glow over the rich furnishings.

Every lounge needs some comfy pillows on the furniture.    Party Perfect thought of everything by incorporating the martini theme into all decorations, including the pillows.

Candles and dim lighting give off warmth that invites guests to mingle.

Of course, a Martini party would not be complete without Martinis. Those bright green olives are actually cake pops.  How creative!!!!  They offset clear martini glasses and are reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour.

Gracious hosts love to give their guests something to take home, and this party was no exception.    A bottle of champagne set inside custom printed solo cups, wrapped in clear cellophane, and tied off with a red ribbon. What a novel idea dreamed up by the guest of honor’s husband “Frank the Tank” !    This allowed guests to take a cup home and continue the celebration.    Stay tuned for where to find these custom solo cups.

Another cute take-home item were personalized mini candy bars displayed on an elegant gold tray.

Food is served buffet style; a charming lantern anchors the table, advertising shrimp and grits. A black cloth covers the buffet table topped with pink flower and candles.

A classy black and white cake is the crowning jewel with sparklers rather than candles. White fondant with black stars rising from a Martini glass, imagine that!

Guests and Birthday honoree alike will have an epic night to remember with a “Happy Fifty” martini party like this one.  Thanks again to Party Perfect in Orlando for allowing us to show off some great photos and ideas!


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