Nina of Events by Nina has a special ability to create fantastic parties for every occasion. This time, she puts her magic to work, at Alexia’s Holy Communion. The festive atmosphere is charged with color and classic elegance, and the color palette of apricot and green is played to picture perfection. Join us as we head that way to see the elaborate arrangements at this blessed event.

The spectacular buffet table features a three tiered peach cake and a spread of delectable sweet treats on a pristine white tablecloth. The cake is glossy perfection with exquisite lace patterning, a rose topper and a pearl necklace with the holy cross on it, as adornments. The patterned green silhouette in the backdrop throws a warm white glow that softly illuminates the buffet table. Adding a touch of joy and refreshing cheer are beautiful floral arrangements on either side of the cake. The free standing lettering in the front reads “Alexias Communion” in a brilliant peach color; it is a classic and creative display!

This dramatic arrangement of macaroons in various shades of peach on a silver platter look irresistibly welcoming.

Splendid little pearl bushes share space with cream and apricot colored roses in this captivating floral arrangement. The abundance of luxury in this design is evident.

How impressive is this impeccably arranged spread! Nina has played with textures and elements at various heights and levels to craft a ravishing design; one that the guests will undoubtedly appreciate. The olive green background forms a perfect combination with the soft hues on the table. The brilliance of this arrangement is in the mixing of classic color combinations throughout the spread, and the sprinkling of liberal doses of silver and crystal, to craft an exquisite spread.

Cookies are designed with frosted peach monograms on a white base, and in the form of the holy cross to match the theme of the occasion.

Cake pops embellished with pearl and silver details, and lavishly adorned with silky bows and sugar flowers, are placed on a beautiful metal and crystal stand. Isn’t it a work of art?

Gorgeous cupcakes are decorated with smooth frosting in lace designs, ruffles, beads and more. They form an artistic display of unparalleled finesse.

Here is a silver platter of delicious almond bread placed around a floral arrangement of peach and apricot roses in an embellished vase.

Party favors include milk chocolate bars customized with wrappers in an interesting shade of apricot.

More popping fun continues with silver and pearl cake pops that look too good to eat. They perch majestically atop a silver and crystal cake stand.

The scintillating foam lettering shimmers and glistens against the white backdrop, as it displays the occasion that is being celebrated. It is an interesting replacement for the traditional bunting style and poster displays, but is one that is just as effective.

With that, we come to the end of the impressive pictures of this holy celebration. Alexia and all the guests at her milestone party will forever remember the beautiful arrangement that Nina put together. Amazing job, Nina!


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