Holy Communion is one of the most sacred occasions in a person’s life, and Anabella of Celebremosdulce created a befitting party with lots of ideas for this important event in Luz’s life.  To emphasize the grandeur and significance of this big day, Anabella chose to do the décor in royal style—with gold and white.  Join us to enjoy the spectacular spread that the guests at this party were treated to.

The buffet table is characterized by an elegant arrangement of gold accents dazzling against a pristine white backdrop. The stunning white cake stands tall against waves of gold in the background. These are flanked by ruffles of white on either side. Three ornate gold frames add finesse to the backdrop; the one in the middle displays Luz’s initials while pretty golden doves drift through the other two. Gold coins garland the bunting on the table, and the entire spread is a gorgeous picture of perfection.

Here is a cake that is exquisitely detailed and just perfect in every way! Vintage white roses and the wrapping with gold ribbon add rustic charm to the bottom and top tiers, while the middle tier is adorned with golden floral lace details. At the very top is a golden chalice that aptly highlights the holiness of the occasion.

Aren’t these little cupcakes simply divine? The snowy white finish is emphasized by the golden ribbon covering the base, and a flawless white daisy and the holy cross form the cupcake toppers. Set in a case of antique gold, it looks pristine and beautiful.

Cookies coated with sugary goodness in white and yellow accents that shape into symbols of divinity beckon the guests.

Glorious desserts occupy spaces on raised white cake stands. These are labelled with dainty oval frames fashioned in ancient gold and complete with etched details, to add a touch of class.

White roses add crowning glory to these magnificent cupcakes. They sit smugly in cases decorated with doves that spread their wings to take flight. Arranged on a tiered cupcake stand in white and labelled with an ornate gold frame, the entire arrangement is regal.

Milk chocolates are personalized for the event with wrappers in gold and white, and the little girl’s initials.

Spelling out “Luz”, are large gold letters that command attention from their place at the base of the table. It is details like these that polish the décor and take the entire setting to a whole other level.

The venue is carefully decked to offer a cheerful welcome to the guests. The gates open up to a path bordered with elegant white candy stick canes, from each of which hangs a soft, fluffy white blossom.

The centerpieces are simple, but effective. Twigs and branches spread out of a glass vase, and entwined in them are silhouettes of white doves that create the perfect décor element for this celebration. The tables are numbered in silver on a beige background which subtly blends into the décor.

Wasn’t that a refreshing and delightful journey? Anabella has done a remarkable job at creating the appropriate ambiance for a religious celebration. Thank you Anabella Lopez de Calatayud  for sharing your wonderful ideas with us!

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You may have attended a girl pink safari birthday party before, but here is one with a difference. Monique of Bash Party Styling has created magic by playing with textures and colors to create a beautiful celebration for Colbie.  Let us look at her brilliant ideas —the perfect celebration for a little girl with a wild side!

The sweet buffet is a harmonious mix of pink and burlap, with a scattering of gold accents. I love the way Monique has used an unconventional mix of colors to create a stunning effect. A soft pink ocean of ruffled lace is topped with a burlap layer to create a stunning setting. A spread of leopard print forms the base on which little friends from the forest and sweet treat jars find places. The background in pink with gold lettering and polka dots is bordered by tall green foliage that reminds us of the jungle. The little gold embellishments add a touch of glamour to the entire décor.

From up close, the setting is even more spectacular. Wooden crates that blend into the background are cleverly used to create different levels. The center of the arrangement is occupied by a customized burlap cake holder with zebra cakes on display. In the limelight are the burlap giraffe and elephant, with pink adornments that beautifully fit the theme. A variety of candy treats in pink, brown and gold are also included. Pink satin ribbon coils around tall brown columns on either side. These house a single leaf, balancing the setting.

Party guests are treated to safari gear in the form of binoculars and safari hats. Isn’t this arrangement of binoculars simply brilliant? A cane basket filled with wood shavings and placed on a wooden crate has been used for the purpose; it adds a rustic charm to the setting.

The little jungle party explorers also get to roam around in pale yellow safari hats. Notice the use of soft pink net to personalize these hats with the theme—ingenious, isn’t it?

A painted gold frame with lettering on pale pink, bordered by giraffe and cheetah prints stands tall on a golden stand. A pink satin bow on the frame holder completes the elegant display. It makes a marvellous combination with the the zebra cakes and the cute giraffe beside it. Here is an interesting sign that says, ‘Fill a Sack before the animals attack!”

The party bags are beige paper covers with simple but beautiful printables. The theme of the party is conveyed through the leopard and giraffe prints employed on either side of the writing.

Monique has done a wonderful job taking a classic birthday theme and adding her special touches to make it a memorable experience for a little girl!  Thank you Monique for sharing these wonderful pictures with us.

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