Baptism or Communion Cupcakes

The thought of making a decorative and beautiful cake for a communion or baptism an be overwhelming.  Fortunately, Netty of Babycakes came up with a brilliant idea.    She baked cupcakes and arranged them in the shape of a cross.   What makes this dessert even prettier is the arrangement of little blue and pink flowers.    This not only looks great, but is so easy to serve.

You can probably use any flavor of cupcake with an icing color of your choice.   Pastel pink and blue frosting would be ideal for a baptism.  However, the white cupcakes with pink or blue flowers would also be fitting.   Small flowers like mini carnations hold their shape well, but if you place the flowers on at the last minute, almost any variety would work.

I like how Netty added one cupcake to all four parts of the cross.  The textured icing also adds interest to this fun dessert.

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