Basketball Themed Party

If you’re planning a party, whether for a birthday, holiday, or even just because, consider throwing a basketball themed party.  In addition to serving guests cupcakes decorated like basketballs (or having one large cake with the same decorations), consider arranging your party based on one of the following basketball themes:

  • All-Star Party:    Everyone has their favorite NBA all stars, and this party gives them the opportunity to show it!  In this athletic, competitive party, guests will choose whether they support the east or the west.  In one half of the room, hang red and black streamers and balloons for the west, and the other half can be blue and black for the east.  (You may want to throw in some silver and gold as well.)  Encourage guests to wear their favorite player’s jersey, and include games that pit the two sides against each other, such as a relay race or obstacle course.  For each game, offer prizes or miniature trophies.  Be sure you have someone documenting the games with a video or digital camera!  At the end of the party, give your guests a basketball bag filled with team trinkets or baked treats in the shape of a basketball.
  • College Basketball Party: Transport guests to college with this fun themed party.  Hang different school banners from the walls, place megaphones or cowbells throughout the room, and use pom poms as table centerpieces.  (You may wish to do this by placing a balloon bouquet or candle between two poms.)  For food, serve guests traditional concession items, such as hot dogs, peanuts, and popcorn.  You can even set up individual stands for each food item, and spread them throughout the room.  Serve food on plates decorated with school emblems or mascots for a finishing touch.   Give guests a basketball luggage tag with the name of the guest of honor and event.
  • Team USA party : If your party is being held during Olympic season, throw a party in honor of the men and women representing the US to the world.  Decorate with red, white (or silver), and blue, and make everything sparkle and shine.  Fourth of July decorations are perfect for a party like this, so stock up on confetti and sparklers.  Hang the five Olympic rings from the ceiling or in front of your main food table, and include pictures or posters of the athletes throughout the room.  If you can, get a life-size cardboard cutout of one or some of the players, and set it up in a corner for guests to take photos with.  (Be sure you have a basketball on hand to use as a prop.)  Then you can include the photographs in a slideshow and project it onto a wall as people are eating.   Give guests a chocolate medal as a fun favor.

Whatever type of party you select, you can easily make basketball cupcakes, which are easy to decorate.

Photo Credit:  cscott 2006

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