Wrestling and Lacrosse themed Bar Mitzvah

Jack’s mother, Stephanie Feldman, is the owner of Cutie Patootie Creations that specializes in Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvah’s. So, there was no doubt that his Bat Mitzvah would be an occasion to remember!  Just as expected, Stephanie planned a beautiful event with the central theme being two of Jack’s favorite sports- Wrestling and Lacrosse! […]

Josh’s Sports Bar Mitzvah

Sports and boys are inseparable, and Josh being a sports fan wanted his Bar Mitzvah celebration to reflect his interest in sports. Event planner Tariko Kendall of Whimzey Events borrowed details from cricket, football, basketball and tennis to create a fantastic sports theme party that would impress every sports fan. Let’s take a look at […]

Vintage Travel Themed Bar Mitzvah Party

Drew’s Bar Mitzvah theme was refreshingly unique, as it was not the sports, music and television show themes that we see all the time. This young man loves to travel, and so chose a vintage travel theme for his special celebration. With rustic globes, antique tickets and maps, event planner Laurel from Licious by Laurel […]

New York Theme Party Bar Mitzvah

Towering bright skyscrapers, loud traffic and a city buzzing with activity—New York is a happening place like no other, and the perfect choice for a lively city theme party. Linzi of Linzi Events put together an exciting and trendy New York theme party for Dylan’s Bar Mitzvah. Join us as we head there to enjoy […]

Hollywood Party

Hollywood-theme parties are always in style, and Stacy Tucker of Sugar Crush executed a fantastic party that brought this theme to life. Come along! It’s time to indulge in the glitz and glam at this “Dining under the stars” party at Temple City. Inspired by the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame, Stacy lined the walkway […]

70’s Theme Party – Bat Mitzvah

The 1970’s was a decade of excitement, with bell-bottoms and discos making strides across the world. They were some of the most thrilling years of the century, and it was this era that Linzi of Linzi Events recreated at Jordana’s Bat Mitzvah. The mini Volkswagen, which became famous towards the mid of this decade, is […]

Under the Sea Bat Mitzvah

Brace yourselves for a breathtaking underwater journey, as we explore a brilliant “Under the Sea Bat Mitzvah,” which was planned and executed by Linzi of Linzi Events. So, here goes! What a mesmerizing setting! The cool blue effect of the ocean floor is replicated in this party hall through blue lighting. The color bounces off […]

Basketball Bar Mitzvah

One of the coolest themes for a Bar Mitzvah is basketball. Youngsters who play the game, and are great fans of it will love to have this as their party theme for any big milestone celebration. Linzi of Linzi Events introduces us to some fabulous ideas to score extra points with this theme, at our […]

Hollywood Theme Party Bat Mitzvah

When style and glamour are in focus, you have the perfect setting for a sensational Hollywood theme party. Laura and Debbie of Party Perfect Orlando created an amazing Hollywood Bat Mitzvah party, and have shared the wonderful pictures with us.  The event was held at Universal Studios City Walk at a restaurant called the Red […]

Camping Theme Party

A party with a camping theme is always fun, and it is even more exciting when planned as thoughtfully as Donna Collins of Party Wishes did. Let us look at the wonderful ideas she put into action. Main Buffet: The main buffet is original and has a rustic charm with muted colors of green and […]