Travel Themed Bridal Shower

Love is a journey, so a travel themed bridal shower is perfect  to represent new experiences and exciting opportunities at every turn. Monique of Bash Party Styling worked with this theme to create a splendid bridal shower for her clients Ben and Rachel. Let us dive right into the delightful pictures of this special event. […]

Diamond Party Ideas – DIY Vase

With so many bling  theme events, it is fun to come across great diamond party ideas.  It is especially nice if they are inexpensive as well.  Fortunately, Esther of Esther O. Design came up with a brilliant way to dress up ordinary vases.   Diamond wrap is the secret.  It is not too expensive and […]

DIY Candy Jars – Cheap Favors

If you are looking for cheap favors that look  elegant, consider up-cycling your frappuccino bottles.  My brother in law goes through Starbucks frappuccino like babies go through milk.  That is why when I saw this post by Seleise of Amethyst Cat Blog Spot – Stamping with Seleise, I knew that I had found the perfect guest […]

Easy Party Dessert Fruit Skewer

A cake and fruit skewer makes the perfect easy party dessert.  Jen of My Own Road made a delicious and beautiful looking one with just a few ingredients. 1.  Angel Food Cake – You either bake one from scratch if you have time or purchase one from the store.  Cut the cake into bite size […]

Fruit Salad Idea

This fruit salad idea by Ali of Jam was too cute not to share.    It is so easy to make.  Simply start with a pile of blueberries and add melon balls, pineapple, manderin oranges, and straberries.  Fruits make up the rings of the rainbow.  Perfect for parties and potlucks, this dish is healthy […]

Scrabble Bridal Shower

If you know a bride-to-be who likes board games, why not host a Scrabble bridal shower?  Gemma of Party Style has made it easy for you with her printables and great photos to follow. Invitations: Set the mood for the party with the invitations!  Spell the day and time in Scrabble pieces both horizontally and […]