Easter Wreaths Hand Made

I was doing my weekly shopping at The Royal Oak Farmer’s Market and came across these fun wreaths.  They were created by Denise & Kristen of Absolutely a”DOOR”able Creations.  Most of them would be great Easter party decorations, so here are a few that caught my eye: This one would be ideal for a childrens […]

Easter Centerpieces

Easter is over, but it just so happened that I found all of the best centerpieces after the holiday.  What makes them especially nice is that they are easy to create and relatively inexpensive.  Even if you are not naturally gifted in the craft area, you will be successful when making these lovely masterpieces.   […]

Easter Decorations

Easter is soon upon us, so if you would like some inspiration for decorations, the following photos should provide some. Easter Tree Decorations – Economical and earthy, this tree decoration will add a unique touch.  Starting with simple glass vases, beans are added to stabilize the tree branches.    A variety of textures are featured in […]