Hollywood Party

Hollywood-theme parties are always in style, and Stacy Tucker of Sugar Crush executed a fantastic party that brought this theme to life. Come along! It’s time to indulge in the glitz and glam at this “Dining under the stars” party at Temple City. Inspired by the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame, Stacy lined the walkway […]

Winter Wonderland Party Ideas

If you are in need of winter wonderland party ideas, you will find beauty and elegant ones here.  Claudy of Chic Candy by Claudy worked on the wonderful concept of recreating the magic of winter in the middle of June, for a graduation party. She was gracious enough to share the pictures of this festive […]

Candyland Theme Party Ideas

Giving your guests a taste of their childhood is a great reason to select a Candyland theme for your party.   The Candyland game was designed in 1945 and has been played ever since.  The characters have been updated, but the feel of the game is the same.  Fortunately, I had the chance to attend […]

Prom Dresses 2012

It’s almost time for Prom 2012, and you’ll want to be sure to choose the perfect dress. There are some beautiful and fun trends this year, so follow these simple guidelines in choosing your ideal look for your special night. • Style: For 2012, you have a number of styles to choose from. Whether you […]

Prom Tuxedo Ideas

If you’re preparing for Prom, then you already know it’s important to look your best.  The pictures you take and memories you make with your friends will last long after the dance is over.  If you’ll be wearing a tuxedo to your Prom, remember these two simple items in choosing the tux that’s right for […]

Cylinder Vase Centerpieces

You can’t imagine how excited I was to find a centerpiece that I could duplicate.  After attending a sports theme event at Blumz Florist, I saw some great cylinder vase centerpieces. A mini basketball, glowing vase filler, and a mini basketball net really added fun to the table. Since the event focused on all sports, […]