Wedding Dress Theme Tabletop – The Dress Shop in Howell

There are few other things that trigger emotions like a wedding dress! After all, wedding dresses not only look exquisite, they are also the symbol of a very special once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Bridal stylists Rachel and Cecelia from The Dress Shop in Howell made the most of this factor, when they designed their entry for the […]

Tabletop Entry by Bonnie Belvedere, Sheena Luther, and Tracy Round

The mystical Otzarreta forest located deep in the Basque Country of Spain inspired Bonnie Belvedere,  Sheena Luther and Tracy Round when they designed their tabletop entry for the NACE Tabletop WOW competition, 2016.  The tabletop entry was the recreation of an autumn forest scene, with a moss-lined table and embellishments with lovely details in changing fall colors. Take […]

Unique Bridal Shower Favor

My good friend Margo had one of the most functional and unique bridal shower favors.  They were colanders  filled with some fruit including lemons, limes, raspberries, and strawberries. Everyone can use a mini colander.  From draining a box of mac and cheese to washing fruit and veggies, it is so handy. Margo packaged the fruit […]

Balloon Designs

It is amazing what you can do with balloons.  Balloon Artist, Carolynn Hayman with POP! Designs and Creations has some wonderfully creative projects including:

Wrestling and Lacrosse themed Bar Mitzvah

Jack’s mother, Stephanie Feldman, is the owner of Cutie Patootie Creations that specializes in Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvah’s. So, there was no doubt that his Bat Mitzvah would be an occasion to remember!  Just as expected, Stephanie planned a beautiful event with the central theme being two of Jack’s favorite sports- Wrestling and Lacrosse! […]

Class Reunion Ideas

Class reunion ideas came to me quickly the moment I walked into the hall at a recent 40th reunion bash.  Mega talented Diane Winton did a fantastic job of designing each table with a combination of photo in frames, scattered photos, trophies, candles and eagles (the mascot.)  At the front of the hall, a burst of […]

Retirement Party Bucket List

Celebrate the new retiree with a bucket and  note cards for his or her “bucket list”  All you need is a sign, some blank note cards and a bucket!  Guests can provide their ideas for the bucket list.  It makes for a great conversation starter and fun way to give a great send off and […]

The Ann Arbor City Club

The outcome of any event, whether it is a wedding, rehearsal dinner, holiday party or birthday celebration, greatly depends on the quality of the venue you choose. Having hosted many successful events over the years, the Ann Arbor City Club is a venue that never fails to impress. With breathtaking gardens, splendid architecture and beautiful […]

Vintage Travel Theme Wedding Table Ideas

Journeys around the world would be impossible without vehicles! So, it was a brilliant idea by Kathy Campbell to focus on this indispensable part of traveling “around the world”, when she designed her entry for the 2016 Tabletop WOW competition by NACE, Detroit.  Perfect for a vintage travel theme wedding or party, here are some […]

Baptism and Communion Centerpieces

When our very own Christine of Cool Party Favors decided to give favors, you can bet that she did it in a creative way.  She combined her favors and centerpieces by placing a cute rosary inside of cake boxes.  These cake boxes were the foundation of the centerpieces which started with a round base.  The […]

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