Sandy’s Chocolate Strawberries

My sister Sandy brought the most delicious dessert to a potluck.    She rarely has time to cook, so I knew that it would be easy.  Her “recipe” is below.

Sandy  tried 3 different variations of this recipe, for 2 different parties.  Here are the notes from her experiments and results.

1. I tried using semi sweet chocolate chips and melting them.  Then putting strawberries in fridge for storage.
Result: I thought they were good, but one guest thought the middle was too hard.
2. I tried putting magic shell in the middle of the strawberries and freezing them.
Result:  Everyone liked them except me.  I thought the strawberries themselves ended up tasting too frozen.
3. I tried doing semi sweet chips and left everything at room temperature for the party.
Result:  This was juuuuuust right!
*Cut the bit at the very bottoms of the strawberries off.  They will sit better in the egg carton.
* I prefer using semi sweet chips to anything milk chocolate.  The milk chocolate was too sweet.
*Keep left over strawberry guts and tips to eat with the leftover melted chocolate.   Mmmmm.
* You really just need a cup of chocolate chips, not a bag!!  Unless you just want to eat spoonfuls of melted chocolate (which I wouldn’t blame  you for).

Thank you Sandy for the great idea!

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