Country Wedding Ideas

When planning your wedding, you’ll want all your guests to be able to sit back, enjoy, and have a great time.  What better way to encourage comfort and a welcoming environment than through a country themed wedding reception?  Remember that this theme should be rustic yet classy.  Here are some simple ideas for hosting the perfect event from decorations and the cake, to rustic wedding favors:

  • Decorations: A country theme should include natural decorations, from bouquets of wildflowers to jarred candles.  You can create beautiful centerpieces with multi-colored wax candles in a number of differently shaped jars.  Once the sun starts to set, have attendees go to each table and light the candles for an enchanted feel.  Natural wreathes, also containing wildflowers, berries, and even silk butterflies or birds, can be hung on any doorways and at the entrance to the reception.  Remember that different shades of green always make people think of being outdoors in the country, so include this wherever possible, even on the ribbon holding the bouquets together.  You can also fill a vase with whole coffee beans and place these cute chocolate boot country wedding favors in them.  Be sure that there is the same number of boots as there are guests at the table.
  • Table settings: Rather than having glasses for water at each seat, consider having mason jars instead.  (However, do not provide these for your champagne toast.)  You can also have traditional cloth napkins, either in solid colors or a gingham design.  Place each in a floral napkin holder, perhaps even including silk sunflowers on each one.  (You can easily create these on your own by purchasing supplies from your local craft store.)  Simple plates and solid silver or even brass cutlery will complete the look.  Consider adding candy and placing these  cute mini mason jar favors at each setting.
  • Cake: Keep in mind that in addition to providing a delicious dessert for your guests, your cake can serve as one of your key decorations.   You’ll want the colors to match those of your other decorations, and remember to keep it simple.  Intertwining flowers or a few decals will go well with your natural theme.  (Don’t overwhelm guests with too many designs or patterns.)  You may want to display the cake on a brass serving tray that matches your silverware.  Also, cake pops have become quite popular, and they are already individually sized.  (Plus, you can make them in a variety of flavors.)  You may want place some around your cake for guests to enjoy.
  • Photo opportunity: No wedding is complete without taking pictures to remember it by.  Whether you rent a photo booth or set up a corner of the room with a bale of hay, allow guests to use props (bandanas, cowboy hats, etc.) and have their pictures taken.  This is fun for friends and family members of all ages!
  • Rustic Wedding Favors: There are so many country and western wedding favors options for favors including:  a personalized glass trinket holder, light-up cowboy boot mug,

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