DIY Candle Holders

If you are looking to decorate your tables on a budget, consider making these cute DIY candle holders.  They were created by my fab Facebook friend Drew G. using outdoor lights, sand,and a tea light candle.  You can get the outdoor lights for $1-$2 at Home Depot.  Place sand in the base and add a tea light candle.    I imagine that you can use colored sand, but that would drive up the cost.    Drew offered another option of using rice at the base of the jars.

He also placed three felt circles on the bottom of each glass candle holder to protect the surface on which they would be placed.

If you have any other ideas about how to adapt these candle holders to your celebration, please post a comment below.

Thanks to Rockgirl for suggesting placing shells in the sands and rafia tied around the outside of the glass.

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