Easy Party Dessert Fruit Skewer

A cake and fruit skewer makes the perfect easy party dessert.  Jen of My Own Road made a delicious and beautiful looking one with just a few ingredients.

1.  Angel Food Cake – You either bake one from scratch if you have time or purchase one from the store.  Cut the cake into bite size pieces.
2.  Strawberries – Take the tops off of the fruit
3.  Bamboo, Wooden, or Metal Skewers – Place the strawberries and angel food cake on a skewer alternating between the two treats.
4.  Chocolate Sauce – Drizzle the chocolate sauce on top of the entire dessert.
5.  Alternative Ideas – Use pound cake in place of angel food cake.  If you are looking for the dessert to be low in fat, stick with the angel food cake.    You could also use other types of bite size fruit.

Jen did a great job displaying the fruit on a stand with glass levels.  I really like how she fanned the skewers out for an inviting arrangement.

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