Funny Pumpkin Idea

If you want to give your trick or treater’s a good laugh, here is a unique and funny pumpkin idea.  It is the brain child of  Kathleen Boland of An Organized Life When I first saw this photo, I laughed out-loud.

Another reason I liked this pumpkin carving decoration is because it is so simple.     You can create any type face carving, although I prefer the happy crazed look of the one above.     The hair made of lollipops is what makes this design unique.  Use your choice of suckers or just about anything on a stick.  You could even use this pumpkin to serve meat or fruit kabobs and have a fun decoration for your buffet table.

If you did decide to use the suckers to give to the costumed trick or treater’s, I would probably wrap the bottom of the suckers with a bit of Saran or plastic wrap, so the sticks don’t get wet.

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