Lacrosse Party

If you plan on throwing a party for the sports enthusiast in your life, why not make it different by hosting a lacrosse themed party?  Perfect for children and adults alike, this fun party can be held either inside or outside.  Follow these simple steps to creating the perfect lacrosse themed party:

  • Decorations: Attach lacrosse sticks to the walls (or hang them solidly from trees in your yard) and fill each one with flowers.  If your guest of honor plays lacrosse for a school team, then be sure the flowers represent the school colors.  You may also wish to include a stuffed version of the school mascot, which could be hanging from the sticks or sitting among the flowers.  (If a larger version of the mascot is available, place a goal at either end of the room or yard, and set up the team mascot as though guarding or watching it.)  Goals also provide a wonderful photo opportunity for larger groups of people.  Finally, remember that food can be a great decoration, so place a large cake on the table and be sure it’s lacrosse themed.  It should also match the color scheme of the rest of the decorations, including plates, napkins, and forks.   Chocolate lacrosse sticks are also a  nice addition to your decor.


  • Activities: Everyone loves to win prizes, so you can include games at your party and reward the winning teams.  (This is particularly useful if you’re going to have young children in attendance, as this will offer them a structured activity.)  For one game, have guests line up in two rows facing each other, and assign each person a partner.  Give every individual a lacrosse stick and have them throw an egg or water balloon to one another.  For each successful catch, they must each take a step back.  The team that lasts the longest wins.  Another fun game idea is a raffle in which guests are given “jerseys” when they enter the party, and then jersey numbers are given prizes.
  • Centerpieces: While lacrosse sticks line the walls, helmets can serve as your centerpieces.  Place a helmet upside down at the center of each table and fill them with colorful flowers or candy in clear plastic bags.  (Instead of candy, you may choose to bake lacrosse cookies in a variety of sports shapes from jerseys to balls or sticks.  Frost them in an assortment of colors and individually wrap them in plastic, placing them inside the helmets.)  You may also tie balloons to the helmets so that they hover above each table.
  • Favors: Edible favors are the most popular, including the chocolate lacrosse stick shown above.  Custom lacrosse mint tins are also a party favorite.

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