Las Vegas Wedding

If you’re planning a Las Vegas wedding, you’ll want the reception to be a perfect party.  Guests should talk about it for years to come!  Follow these guidelines to hosting the perfect Las Vegas wedding reception:

  • Send fun and festive invitations: Perhaps you want to send invitations in the form of entry tickets, and you may even wish to include playing chips for a raffle.  (A raffle is a particularly good idea if you’d like guests to take home the centerpieces.)  Be sure your invitation includes the colors you will use in your reception, and you may also wish to have silver, gold, and sparkles.  If your reception will take place at a hotel or venue on the strip, provide parking or transportation instructions for your guests so they’ll know how to arrive on the important date.  Here is a unique idea, send Save the Date grippy socks with a Vegas design showing your wedding day.
  • Make the bride and groom the center of the celebration: Remember that Vegas is abound with lights, entertainment, people, and games.  You’ll want your reception to feel special to the bride and groom, so make sure decorations reflect that this is their celebration.  Include pictures of them everywhere.  For instance, perhaps you’ll wish to decorate with dice or large playing cards.  Rather than having face cards, replace the Jack, Queen, King, Joker, and Ace with a headshot of the happy couple.  (This is also a wonderful way to send invitations, and you can set the mood by doing so.)
  • Use one color scheme throughout your party: So that your party feels unified, use similar colors throughout the entire thing.  Although one or two colors can make a sophisticated environment, too many colors may seem cluttered or busy.  Red and black are very popular colors, shown in this personalized casino theme favor cup.  For a fun yet elegant decor, line the room with silver lights and use shades of blue to decorate for an underwater feel.  Themes are extremely popular in Vegas and make for wonderful photo opportunities.  Remember you can use many shades of the same color so as not to be repetitive.  Tablecloths, napkins, and chair covers should all look good together, though they do not need to be the exact same shade.
  • Centerpieces: Each table should have a large centerpiece to bring the decorative scheme together.  Whether this is a large bouquet of flowers or a glass bowl with floating candles, display each one in a place of prominence on each table. You may even wish to put a house of cards on each one, though the cards should be glued together so they do not fall down during the celebration.
  • Favors: Give your guests something that they will enjoy taking home.  Edible ideas include chocolate playing cards and mint tins.  Practical items include key chains, personalized playing cards, and custom shot glasses.

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