Ornament Wedding Favors

If you’re planning a wedding, you’ll want to send guests home with a favor that will remind them of your special day for years to come.  Ornament wedding favors have become quite popular, and they do not need to be displayed at Christmas only.  In fact, if you provide a gorgeous, tasteful ornament, people may choose to hang it in their house all year long.  Here are some ideas for creating the perfect ornament favor:

  • Color scheme: Whether you decide to make the ornaments yourself or purchase them, design them in the same colors as you used at your wedding reception.  If you do this, you can even display the ornaments on tables during the reception and use them as a party decoration as well.  Remember, paper mache over round plastic ornaments can create a beautiful look, and it’s a fun craft to do with your friends.  You can even look online for ideas on how to do this, and your local craft store will have boxes of solid ornaments available.  Consider using one color paper first and then adding a second layer over that.  (Just be sure that you allow each layer to dry first.)
  • Shape: Instead of a solid bulb or even cube, you may wish to provide the wedding ornament favors in shapes that remind guests of love and commitment, such as hearts or doves.  You can buy these in bulk online and then have them personalized or even do it yourself.  Include the date of your wedding on the ornament in silver or gold to remind everyone of the event.  Heart and dove ornaments can then be hung in a kitchen, family room, or even bedroom for all twelve months of the year (particularly if they are in neutral colors).
  • Photo ornaments: Everyone loves to look at photographs, and photo ornaments can serve as miniature frames for a Christmas tree.  They are available in glass or plastic designs, so you may wish to consider the weight of the ornament when you make your choice.  Many of these ornaments allow you to place a photograph on either side of the ornament.   On one side, include a picture of the happy couple.  (Engagement photos work well for this.)  Then, on the other, include the date of the event and the name of the bride and groom on a slip of photo paper.  Encourage your guests to replace this with a photograph of themselves at your celebration.  This way the gift is personalized for you and for them!
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