Prom Dresses 2012

It’s almost time for Prom 2012, and you’ll want to be sure to choose the perfect dress. There are some beautiful and fun trends this year, so follow these simple guidelines in choosing your ideal look for your special night.

Style: For 2012, you have a number of styles to choose from. Whether you choose a short or long style, there is a dress for every body type. For longer dresses, there are a number of different options. Mermaid dresses are particularly popular, and they will look excellent in pictures. Keep in mind that they may not be ideal for moving around, however, which may make dancing difficult. Prior to purchasing your gown, be sure to try in on and walk around a room to determine if you like the way it moves with your body. For a different look, consider a strapless dress with a fitted waistline. Then determine if you’d like it to include a slit or not. The dress may then fall in an elegant straight line from the waist, or it may include a full skirt. (Many skirts are made of fun material, such as tulle or even feathers.)

Patterns:  Patterns have been popular in 2011 and will continue to create unique looks throughout 2012. Designs stitched in black, white, or even the same color thread as the dress can add excitement to an otherwise plain gown. Geometric patterns also create a very one-of-a-kind look. These patterns may or may not include jewels or sparkles, which may be threaded throughout the dress. Finally, adding embellishments, such as flowers (made from the dress material), lace ties, or a train can create quite an entrance.

Color: Remember that Prom is a time to take risks with your color choices. Vibrant yellows, deep reds, or playful pinks are all popular colors for Prom. Be careful to choose a color that will look good with your date’s suit or tux, and be careful that you choose shoes that go well with the overall outfit. For instance, if you choose a purple dress, consider silver or black shoes rather than attempting to match the exact shade of purple as your dress. There is such thing as too much color, so if you choose a colorful dress, accompany it with muted accessories, including your purse, jewelry, and even hair clips. (These accessories can still include sparkles without being overwhelming.)

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