Safari Baby Shower Decoration – Candy Kabobs

If you are hosting a safari theme baby shower or zoo children’s party, you are not alone.   In fact animal theme celebrations are becoming more and more popular.  Whatever the purpose of your gathering, there is a wonderful decoration I found created by Jill of   She named it a “Candy Kabob” which is perfectly fitting for this fun treat.

What makes this animal or safari theme candy kabob so functional is that it can serve many purposes.  It can be part of a centerpiece by simply placing the finished pieces in a vase.  Another option is to fill the vase with dried beans, coffee beans, glass gems, or anything that will hold the sticks in place.  In the photo above, you will see that Jill put a single animal kabob in a vase with animal crackers.   Brilliant idea!!!   You could do this with a larger vase and more animal crackers for a larger centerpiece.  If you are serving a sit-down meal, place the number of kabobs as there are guests at the table, so that everyone can take home a favor.
Jill offers these easy steps in putting together these fun sweet treats:
Gather your supplies, which in this case are the gummy animals, long cellophane bags,  and pointed wooden skewers.  You will see that there are a variety of animals and sea life including penguins, elephants, fish, worms and more.  There are also some gummy rings to add color and a different shape.
1. Divide your candy – This will help you to see exactly what you have available, so that you can quickly assemble the favors.  It also allows you to see the shapes and colors in categories, so that you can determine how you will put the treat together.
2.  Push candy on the stick – Of course it is easiest to use the pointy end of the skewer to attach the animal gummy candy.    You can alternate between animals and gummy rings.  You will see that some of the larger animals look like they are threaded on the skewer.    The worms kind of wrap around it.
3.  Wrap the candy – Clear cello bags work the best.  Jill used a pretzel bag…genius!

Jill also created some matching birthday party invitations for her son, so be sure to visit Everyday Is An   You will also find many interesting DIY projects for your home or next party.    There are some especially cute ideas for spring crafts for the home, decorations and parties.
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