Two Year Old Birthday Party Ideas – Fruit Theme

Two Year Old Birthday Party Ideas – Fruit Theme

Brittany from GreyGrey Designs created a splendid Fruit-theme party for 2-year-old Avery. It was a colorful celebration with some fantastic ideas that will inspire and amaze us. So, let us take a look at what was on show at this “Two-tti Fruitti” party. Isn’t the verbiage itself brilliant?

The backdrop for the party was a variety of honeycomb tissue fruit pinned onto a teal background. Succulent strawberries, appetizing apples and gorgeous grapes share space with giant, palatable pineapples, and the lettering is fruit-inspired too. Tantalizing treats add flecks of color to the table that is covered with a bright and sunny fabric, creating a captivating display for all the little guests who attended the party.

Can you believe that Brittany hand-painted these letters? She was inspired by the party invitation and used simple craft paint to whip up these superbly adorable berry and orange letters that form a perfect addition to the background.

I am so impressed by the attention to detail here! The trays that held the food were fruit-themed, and popcorn cans spray-painted pink were used as risers.

These peanut butter and chocolate frosted cupcakes look delicious. Fondant fruit toppers make them divinely tempting, and scalloped cupcake wrappers in bright colors add the finishing touches to the yummy desserts that have a striking presence on the white tiered-cupcake stand.

Aren’t these fruit cookies picture-perfect? These adorable treats look better than the real thing, and what is more, these delightful delicacies were dusted with glitter to look even prettier.

Who could possibly resist these spectacular treats! Watermelon rice krispies with chocolate seeds beckon guests from a lush green basket with pink paper shavings.

More fruity fun continues with splendid sweet skewers, customized for the theme of the party with slices of fruit on the top. Another clever idea!

This precious name banner was also crafted using tissue festooning. It looks so vibrant with fiery orange letters almost glowing on a bright colored base. The favor station has cute pineapple straw cups and a favor sign in a white frame, decorated with glittering cardstock fruits. Beside it is a bright green crate decorated with a banner of cardstock fruits threaded onto a wire, and resting inside is a selection of super-cute Fruit Bags, provided by none other than Cool Party Favors.

Here’s a closer look at the cool party fruit bags we supplied. They certainly were the perfect choice for the party’s theme. The little portable pouches can carry your stuff and zip back into the most adorable fruit shapes that you can flaunt around.

We have thus completed our tour through this colorful, vibrant and exciting party. Brittany sure knows how to throw a grand party fit for a princess, and proves beyond question that fruits can be so much fun!