20’s Great Gatsby Decoration Ideas – DIY

20’s Great Gatsby Decoration Ideas – DIY

If you are looking for 20s theme prom decorations, check out CC Party Designs creative centerpieces, photo props and other party decor.  A celebration of 100 years makes the Great Gatsby theme so popular.  While many students tend to purchase ready-made prom kits, with a bit of creativity,  you can make your own.  Christine and Carole, Owners of CC Party Designs, find many of their items on Facebook wedding and party boards.  The thrift shop also provides for a number of their pieces.  The sign below is a great example of re-purposing a chalkboard.

With so many vintage weddings, including chalkboard signs, you can locate one and turn it into a 20s theme.  Here is a list of 20’s sayings including bees knees, roaring good time, and many that weren’t as familiar to me.    The centerpiece below is one of my favorites because of the many elements from a wine bottle with feather inside surrounded by pearls to an ash tray with a chocolate cigar.  Pearls are constant throughout the table, as they are draped around a wine bottle, flowing around the main part of the centerpiece, and pearl candies are placed in champagne bottle containers.  The gold charger is a great find and sets the state for mercury gold candles and mini jeweled ornaments.  The leather-looking frame houses a man from the 20’s and features a fun quote:  Once, duirng prohibition, I was forced to live for days on food and water.

You will see the continuation of chalkboards, mercury candles into many of the decorations.  The sign below listing “No Coppers Allowed” is actually referring to the cops aka police.  Chocolate cigars and candy cigarettes as well as an art deco vase are great additions to this grouping.   You can find the clear champagne bottle containers here.

great gatsby themed party

It is easy to make the following sign on your computer.   It says CLOSED for violation of national prohibition act by order of United States District Court.  All persons are forbidden to enter premises without order from the United States Marshall.

the great gatsby themed party

Over-sized clear glasses filled with gold pearls as well as black and gold ornaments add variety to the centerpieces.  There are also black and white lanterns with LED candles to offer light.

gatsby centerpieces

Here is a wider view, so that you can see the wine bottle with a feather in it.  This grouping would be very easy for you to create with an oversized glass, gold pearls, and a variety of black and gold ornaments.  The base is simply a gold table charger available at any home store.

great gatsby table decorations

Here are more examples of centerpieces.

1920s decoration ideas

This centerpiece seems to have a very interesting base for the chalkboard sign:  Let’s MISBEHAVE with a mustache graphic.  It also features a cigar box which gives height to some of the decorations.

gatsby party decorations

This is one of my favorite parts of the decorations, the photo booth signs.  Guests simply handed their cell phones to someone and held up one of the signs made from chalkboard with a frame and gold ink from a Sharpee.  Signs include:  U.S. Penitentiary Vamp, Baby Face, and Mooch.

Great Gatsby Photo Booth Signs