30th Birthday Cake Ideas

30th Birthday Cake Ideas

Are you throwing a party for someone celebrating their third decade in life and in need of 30th birthday cake ideas?  Have no fear, we will show you pictures to get you ready to create your own masterpiece.

Simple 30th Birthday –  I am starting by showing you this cake, shown on Flickr by Harry Wood, because  anyone can create it, even with a boxed mix!  The “3” looks like it was made in a bunt cake because the circular opening in the middle is so clean.  You could also use a standard round cake pan and cut out a circle in the middle.  The “O” looks like it was made in an oval pan, however, you could use two round ones, one for the base of the “O” and the other to use for extending it.  So create in inner circle cake #1 and cut it in half .  Make two rectangles the size of the width of the circle.   Add the rectangles to the middle to extend the “O” making it the same size as the “3” .   You can also make this much easier with by just cutting a circle in the round cake for an “O” but it will be smaller than the “3”.

It is amazing what a little frosting will do, as here is the cake fully decorated by Harry Wood.  I woud probably frost the inner part of the sides of the numbers, but that is just a personal preference.

Rice Krispie Treat Cake by Jeanne Winters– Technically this is not a cake, but can be used as one.  It is a nice way to reduce fat and calories.  A typical piece of chocolate cake with frosting has about 10 grams of fat compared to a square of a Rice Krispie treat with just 3.3 grams of fat.  But more importantly you will impress your guests with your unique approach.  Jeanne gives you directions on how to create this “cake” on her wonderful blog.

30th Birthday Cakes for Men – Skip the girlie decorations and simply bake a chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  This lovely 30th birthday sweet table, by Bec from RubyJu, shows a wonderful way to celebrate an important man in your life.  You will find many more great photos on the blog.

30th Birthday Cakes for Women – This pretty white and gold cake was created by April Carter of Rhubarb and Rose.  It is beautiful and a great idea for those with decorating talent.

April also created these 30th Birthday Cake Pops, which can be a wonderful alternative or addition to a regular cake.