30th Birthday Party—80’s theme

30th Birthday Party—80’s theme

Excitement and nostalgia were on a high-note at the surprise party that Jessica of Modern Moments Design threw for her husband’s 30th birthday. What better way to celebrate the special day of a man born in the 80’s than with a cassette tape theme—although now obsolete, anyone born in the last century will fondly remember the entertainment cassette tapes provided during those days. Get ready for the celebration!

The spread of food at the party bursts with color and freshness. Clementines in tall glass jars make a refreshing orange hue against the teal and turquoise in the rest of the arrangement. I love the placement of these jars on books with blue and orange covers; this punches in that extra dose of color.

Here is a selection of assorted olives—healthy and tasty! Note the cassette tape label—ingenious!

Jessica’s been very clever to find easy recipes that can feed a crowd, while tasting delicious and looking amazing too. Her guests were treated to sweet and spicy Mac’n’Cheese, paninis and tortillas with refreshing spinach and salsa dips.

Aren’t these flavored cheese balls tempting? The arrangement on tasting spoons adds to the drama.

Cajun french fries in bright conical containers are practical, while also being a colorful addition to the spread. These are placed beside an assortment of sliced vegetables, and the choice of bright peppers and cool cucumbers paint a perfect picture.

The rainbow of colors extend to lively and refreshing drinks in equally interesting holders. The orange and blue color theme is repeated in the wheel barrow that houses an assortment of drinks. Look at how the ice bucket and coasters have been customized to match the theme with a cassette tape cover. The green melon drink looks cool and melon skewers add to the fun!

Jessica continues to impress with a range of delicious desserts. She has prepared a whole feast with candies, cookies, cupcakes and more. The arrangement is beneath a trio of colored paper lanterns that dance in colorful harmony. The customized cookies were printed by Hello Frosting, and Oreo Pops were done by  Sweeties by Kim. Citrus cupcakes decorated with little lemons made by Jessica herself, treat the guests to sweet bliss. They are placed on a tiered cupcake stand that is an extension of the orange and blue color theme.

Here’s an inexpensive but great idea. Jessica created this adorable little dessert stand from the dollar tree. It holds an assortment of candy in different shapes and sizes.

The pretty cookies were also packed into dainty little parcels for the guests to take with them. These elegant parcels were completed with thankyou labels in the cassette tape theme.

Wasn’t that a fabulous party? Jessica’s done an awesome job, and both the guests and the birthday boy must have had so much fun! She’s managed a birthday party that will be long remembered—thanks Jessica for sharing the pictures of this grand event with all of us!