30th Birthday Party Ideas

30th Birthday Party Ideas

While in search of some unique 30th birthday party ideas, I came across an 80’s theme party, complete with cassette decorations and supplies.  Jessica of Modern Moments Design was generous enough to let me share her ideas as well as photos from her bash.     Here are some of these ideas:

Set the theme with your invitations: As you can see from the photo, Jessica chose cassette tapes as her theme.  She included them in her invitations and then used them as food labels throughout the party.  She also used the invitations to determine the color scheme, choosing turquoise and orange as her main accents.  (Note the hanging lanterns and font colors in all her signage as you read further in this post.)

80’s Party Decorations: Jessica did a fabulous job incorporating her 80’s cassette theme into all aspects of the party.  All  of her signage shows an audio tape with the ribbon surrounding the place to list a food item.  A simple cover to her ice bucket transforms it completely.  The take-off on the 80’s lyrics from the song  I’ve got the Music in Me” is really cute.  The actual lyric is “Heat Up, Cool Down” and the label reads “Drink Up, Cool Down”.     You will also see some plain white coasters turned fun with a custom sticker.

Include options on your food table: Whether it’s macaroni, spinach dip, fries, or a veggie tray, this party has something for everyone.  The food is laid out in a visually interesting manner so that it serves not only as a delicious snack for guests, but the table is an elegant decoration as well.

Jessica has also created a separate dessert table, including personalized cookies, lollipops, and cupcakes.  All of the candy on the table matches the color scheme, and she’s even included oranges on sticks, a creative twist on a healthy dessert option.  As with all food, be sure to label everything as this hostess has done.  Guests with allergies may need to be careful, and the labels pull the theme of your party together.

30th Birthday Favors:  Candy from the 80’s….Do you remember Zotz?   Why not have food, decorations and favors in one, like these 30th Birthday white chocolate dipped Oreo’s.

Drinks: For an outdoor party like this one, create your own cooler with a wheelbarrow.  This is decorative and convenient!  The hostess has also created melon ball skewers for people to put in their drinks.  Coasters with the cassette tape, as well as a birthday message to the guest of honor, complete the drink table and allow for further personalization of the party.