30th Birthday Party

30th Birthday Party

Jordan of Smitten Events by Jordan and Devon, was turning 30, and being an event planner herself, had all the ideas for a fantastic birthday party. Having grown up in the 1990’s, she was a great fan of Clueless, the unforgettable 1995 comedy movie which is an adaptation of Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’. So, she decided to go for a Clueless-themed costume party, and it was non-stop excitement and fun! Come along, as we take a closer look at the brilliant party this team put together.

Adorable sugar cookies were hand-painted by Jordan’s friend, to match the theme. Don’t you think the bright pops of yellow, blue and pink on the plain white base look cheerful and inviting?

The party décor included several icons of the decade, including this mobile made of CD’s featuring Jordan’s favorite songs from the 90’s.

Entertainment in the 90’s had a unique style and feel, and Jordan has given it due importance. The snacks for the event are contained in towering glass vases, with bright and colorful pictures of radios on them. The idea of jazzing up VHS tapes with colored paper, was ingenious. These are then placed at several locations, and serve as reminders of how popular they were, before other digital media came into being.

The signage at the party features famous Clueless quotes, such as Cher’s unforgettable signature line, “As if.” This sign which also includes a still from the movie, directs guests to the Instagram hashtag the hosts have created, so all the pictures of the event can go in one place. Notice how the VHS tapes have been added into the display?

Accompanying the food, is a signage that is yet another famous quote by Cher, the central character of Clueless. It is simply perfect for the location at which it has been placed.

This sumptuous spread of neatly arranged food is a feast for the eyes. While two sets of appetizers are arranged in long wooden trays along the length of the table, another set is highlighted on a silver platter atop a white cake stand. These are framed by bottles of soft drinks on either side, and the dish names are printed in muted violet on white.

Here is the candy buffet for guests with a sweet tooth. A variety of sweets are placed on a table with a shimmering CANDY bunting below. On the wall behind the arrangement is a canvas with the slogan written in glitter.

How cool is this statement décor piece that directly transports us to the 1990’s! Brightly colored and patterned pin wheel fans stuck to a round black mirror form an unusually attractive display. More glittering quotes from the movie are placed beside it. The now obsolete audio cassette also appears next to the VHS tapes; objects that bring on an instant sense of nostalgia.

Near the beverages, are signs with lines from the movie. The colorful drinks and the bright straws contrast beautifully with the muted colors of the signage.

Entertainment is a huge factor that can make or break a party. In this case, the event was a smashing hit, thanks to the excellent work of DJ Thomas Maxey.

Also deserving special mention, is Jelger and Tanja Photographers for covering this event, and bringing us these beautiful pictures.

We can never tire of watching Cher and her exciting journey through Beverley Hills High school in Clueless. Jordan and Devon have done justice to the theme by throwing a party, just as interesting as the movie. Congratulations to all of you behind this thrilling party!