30th Birthday Theme Party Ideas – 30 Sucks

30th Birthday Theme Party Ideas – 30 Sucks

When I saw this 30th birthday theme I laughed at first.   However, the more I looked at photos from this colorful dessert table  created by La Belle Parties, the more I realized what great party ideas were displayed.   The recipient of this 30th birthday bash was not thrilled about turning the big “3”  O” (and she will soon learn that it is a wonderful time of life.)   This is fortunate for us though, as we get to enjoy the following images from the party.

30th Birthday Candy: A clear tall cylinder vase filled with round gum balls or candy is a wonderful base for which to place lollipops.    The way that La Belle Parties arranged the the balls in rainbow colors added much interest to the table.   Stickers with the words “30 Sucks” were placed on each pop.

Round stickers adhered to a  black ribbon around the square vase added elegance and fun.  Citrus colored suckers, held steady in the yellow candies, made for another great edible decoration.  If you like these stickers, La Belle Parties has an Etsy shop with all sorts of printables for a variety of occasions.

These Pixie Sticks with little “30 Sucks” flags are so cute.  No doubt the guest of honor enjoyed this candy when she was a little girl.  If you wish to offer chocolates, brownies, cookies,  any other treat to the sweet table, you could certainly use the term “30 Bites.”   This term could also be used for the main dish or appetizer table  if you have one.

One of my favorite decorations are the boxes with holes holding a variety of colorful lollipops.     The wrapping is equally as colorful.

30th Birthday Cupcakes:  I love how La Belle parties thought to make simple chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with white frosting.  Doing this really allowed the lollipops to be the center of attention.   Adding  the number “30” to the pop with icing is a great idea too.

What is nice about this party, is that you can adapt it to any age 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100 sucks are all possibilities.  They don’t even have to be milestone birthdays to “suck”.    If you follow La Belle Parties’ lead, you can be sure though that your party will not suck, as the guests will get a kick out of the theme and be impressed with all of the delicious, edible decorations.  They will also be happy to take the wrapped pops home as party favors.

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