50th Birthday Party Ideas

50th Birthday Party Ideas

Unique 50th birthday party ideas were abundant  for Hope on her special celebration.  Debbie and Laura of Party Perfect Orlando were entrusted with the task of coming up with a fabulous party, and they certainly did a remarkable job. They had so much fun using her name “Hope” in all the details, as you will soon see. Come along, and “hope” you enjoy the pictures of this party.

The event was originally intended to be held outdoors, on the terrace of the Orlando Science Center. Torrential downpours on a hot Florida night foiled their plans, but the team quickly rose to the challenge, and shifted the party location to the Dino-Digs Exhibit Room. Super-resourceful Debbie and Laura made use of the extra details available in this room, including the dinosaurs, to add more excitement to the party. Like Debbie says, “when you’re in a room with dinosaurs, why not embrace it!” We loved this custom welcome sign that the T_Rex seems to be “feeding” on.

Strings of market lights were used inside the room, to replicate the originally intended “outside feel”. This lit up the shades of orange used throughout the décor, creating an aura of warmth. The white in the décor contrasts against the tropical orange of the seats and tables, making it lively and vibrant.  The seating is casual, but fun with white chairs surrounding circular tables covered with the signature patterned tablecloth. The textured print on the floor and the building lights in the background also help to recreate the outdoors, within the room.

Throw pillows customized to match the orange, blue and white color theme are printed with slogans containing the word “Hope”.

The luxurious peach birthday cake is classic and striking. Of the two tiers, the upper one is plain with embossed lettering that says “Hope” on it, and is topped with a flourish of bright orange gerberas. The lower tier is designed with a white silhouette pattern that stretches over the circumference. The beauty of this sculpted cake is enhanced by the patterned table cover on which it sits.

I don’t know which is brighter, the “candles” or Hope’s smile.

The lettering on the cups and koozies plays with the name “Hope.” White lettering on red cups and koozies read “ Hope you can hold your liquor”- how brilliant is this? The guests are welcome to their pick of liquor from the list displayed on a red stand with a white frame.

A spectacular bar counter flashes a toast to “Hope.” The imposing brilliance of white forms the perfect backdrop for lettering in blue and brown.

A chalkboard display in an ornate orange frame welcomes the guests to individual pouches of pop corn to take home. Each favor pack is personalized with labelling in orange and white. The string of lights on the top of the sign replicates the market lights that characterize the décor at this venue.

The guests are treated to healthy salads in a cinch, at the cocktail-style salad bar.  Note the saying on the salad server’s shirt: “HOPE” You’re Hungry.

Aren’t these napkins superb? White lettering on orange napkins define the word “Hope.” I love how this medium was subtly used to convey a lot of love to the birthday girl.  Thus, Debbie and Laura easily made Hope’s milestone birthday party a smashing hit. Although it may not have been the original plan, this party definitely was a success in every way. Kudos for that!

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