50th Birthday Party Ideas

50th Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday celebrations are always fun, whether you are young or old! Shirley’s big 5-0 celebration was a huge hit, thanks to the exciting party Stacy Tucker of Sugar Crush put together. Come along and feast yourself on her imaginative ideas, and be inspired.

Every birthday deserves to be heartily celebrated, and this fantastic array of rich treats made sure that the guests at Shirley’s party could indulge in the very best. An elegant green and white cake with a zebra stripe ribbon occupies the center. Pretty cake pops in four different designs are arranged on a foam base with a polka dot border. More black and white polka dots appear on the napkins, and form a beautiful contrast against the oversize spring green ruffle flower. The spread includes bite-sized dessert squares, and a tiered arrangement of delicious cookies. The green accent in the color palette forms a winning combination with the white and black, and has a sophisticated finish.

The party favors are assorted milk chocolates customized with an array of pattern covers that tie to the color theme of the party. Groups of four chocolates are packed in transparent packaging and adorned with a black silk bow and Thank you message. The favors are packed into a wide glass container, forming an attractive display.

From up close, you can see how neat and pretty the favors look. I just love the elegant color combination and the harmony of the different prints used as candy wrappers. The thank you note is simple and uncluttered, but the green and black lettering on a white background packs a punch with the “50 and fabulous” tag line.

The guests are treated to a variety of drinks. The towering wall silhouette that displays the number 50 in white, commands attention and forms the perfect backdrop for the colorful arrangement in front of it. Large tubs with crushed ice hold rose-colored drinks, while tall beverage jars welcome the guests to refreshing drinks. The fruit slices and chunks that float in these jars look refreshingly cool.

Paper lanterns in green, black and white create a colorful and cheerful vibe. The décor of this table brings together the serene green flower pot with white blossoms, the ornate white frame with the green and white message, and the ruffled chartreuse flowers together, to create an attractive display.

Whether this message was for the birthday girl or the guests, it is an amusing one, and the choice of colors is brilliant, and soothing. How cute are the 50th birthday spectacles in black beside the frame?

Here is the birthday cake for the big celebration. The black and white striped ribbon is the perfect accessory for the simple green and white cake. The glittering green cake topper that reads 50, is complemented by the many pops of miniature size 50’s. I love the idea of using black and white striped and polka dot candles to match the theme perfectly.

Don’t you agree that spread was just perfect for the big event in Shirley’s life? Thank you Stacy for inspiring us with these brilliant ideas.

If you are looking for ready-made favors, check out our very cool custom 50th birthday glasses, 50 is the new 40 mint tins, and 50 bottle stoppers.