50th Birthday Party Ideas for Men

50th Birthday Party Ideas for Men

Bash Party Styling impresses us once again, this time with a fantastic surprise birthday party for Jeff, who just completed his big five-oh! The dessert table theme was sweet and salty, with both common and not-so-common treats forming a tempting display. We really think you should take a closer look, especially if you needs some great 50th birthday party ideas for men!

Welcoming the guests to the venue, is a poster created with chalkboard and white lettering for a rustic chic effect. The menu board beside it, is attached to a green and white striped base, and this pop of color looks beautiful against the natural greens in the background.

Nobody can possibly complain about too much chocolate, and this party is a dream for chocolate lovers. Take a look at these tantalizing treats lavishly spread out on a black and white striped tablecloth! The chocolate extravaganza is beautifully complemented with the cream in the popcorn and cupcake frosting. Almost every item from the salted caramel cake pops and maple bacon cupcakes, to chocolate dipped pretzels and chocolate potato chip cupcakes have been carefully chosen to fit the theme. Brilliant flavors, we must say! The green accents in the labels,  cake pops and ribbons on the white platters add an essential touch of sophistication.

The delicious potato chip chocolate cupcake platter is flanked on either side by glass jars of flavored nuts and popcorn. We love the idea of pairing two flavors of similar treats, to make the display both functional and fun. There is plenty of salt and sweet here, as you can see!

How unusual is the mingling of flavors in this dessert. Bringing together exquisite sweetness with salty deliciousness, we are sure that they were a super hit.

Now, here is a treat that we’re sure the guests won’t mind queuing up for. Chocolate and whiskey form an explosive combination, and we are pretty sure that this cupcake version lived up to expectations.

Cherries are the birthday boy’s favorite, and that explains why these chocolate covered cherry cupcakes  belong here.

Aren’t those stacked donuts simply adorable? With three different flavors in one bite on green and white striped straws, they make a fine treat in every way. The chocolate dipped pretzels look equally inviting.

All you need is good imagination to come up with a brilliant centerpiece. Here, black and white pictures in glass vases sit beside simple flower arrangements in vases decorated with striped ribbons to form an inexpensive, but interesting centerpiece.

Guests enjoy three different types of flavor infused water. The neat arrangement of glasses between the towering water jars on wooden crates is attractive.

Now here is an interesting napkin holder! Reader glasses are attached to shiny green ribbons that bind the napkin ends together. The label tells us how inexpensive these clever little details cost.

Wasn’t that a fantastic party? We loved everything from the theme, to the choice of desserts and the arrangement, and we are sure Jeff did too. And, we agree with the hosts when they say, “it had everything a man could want!” Kudos to Bash Party Styling and the team who executed this fantastic birthday party!