50th Birthday Party Ideas for Men

50th Birthday Party Ideas for Men

It is not every year that you have a birthday as special as the 50th. So, it is cause for great celebration. Birthday boy Tim was at his half-a-century mark, and Stacy Tucker of Sugar Crush had the perfect event put together to celebrate this milestone birthday. Join us as we head there now, to get some great 50th birthday party ideas for men.

A giant cutout of the number 50 forms the canvas for pictures of the glorious events from Tim’s past and present. This collage of black and white pictures covers all the important events in his life. I think was is a brilliant idea for the backdrop of the party.

The color palette is a stunning blend of red, black and silver. Tall, clear candle holders sit on a table top formed of sheet metal, and the candles are placed on a base of silver nails and tools. The candle and tea light holders have striped and chevron ribbons on them to match the theme.

Now, here is an interesting way to add a humorous punch to the entire setting. The sign mentions that these oversize geezer tweezers, are heavy duty extractors, for those pesky nose hairs. Isn’t that amusing?

Here is a birthday cake that is both artsy and cute. One look at it, and we immediately get to know that Tim is fond of working with tools. The cartoon prints of the hammer, measuring tape and nails on the cake are cheerful, and I am really impressed by the cheerful effect created by the tiny bursts of “50”’s beside the bigger one in the center.

The guests can choose from a variety of drinks and beverages. While some of the bottles are placed on the table, the rest of them stay cool in a red tub filled with crushed ice. There is a matching red beverage dispenser as well.

Perfect for the theme of the party, a red wheelbarrow filled with crushed ice is home to bottles and bottles of beer.

No party is complete without a spread of sweets. Here is an interesting assortment of gummy bears, mints, jelly beans and  chewy wheels, as well as some vintage chocolate to indulge in.

The dessert buffet includes platters of delicious luxury chocolates, frosted cookies and fun and colorful candy. Did you make a note of the brilliant idea of using a miniature saw to cut the cake?

Cookies shaped and decorated like saws, spanners and screwdrivers are an interesting and attractive spread.

How original is this arrangement? Beans in a big black industrial cauldron, napkins in a sheet metal box and plastic cutlery in black buckets create the perfect party arrangement. The party theme is reinforced with a scattering of big and small machine wheels, and few steel tools on the table.

We now know that Stacy made sure Tim had the time of his life, celebrating his fantastic five-oh birthday with the people he loved. Good job Stacy!