60th Birthday Party Ideas

60th Birthday Party Ideas

Linda’s Big 6-0 was a milestone event to be celebrated, so Liezl from Zelicious brought some brilliant 60th birthday party ideas for all to behold.   Black, cream and gold formed the elegant color palette, and every detail was customized to picture perfection. Let us take a closer look at the splendid details executed at Linda’s 60th birthday.

A magnificent “60” is formed of dainty fairy lights dancing across the white number board with golden edges. They brighten up the background and create a festive air, perfect for this exciting celebration.

What a spectacular spread of delights! The desert table covered in black is a striking contrast for the luminous white number light beside it. Gigantic golden balloons with sleek white, black and gold streamers stand tall against the black and white photo collage backdrop. This custom collage is a beautiful tribute to Linda, celebrating important milestones in her life through pictures. A cheerful shimmery bunting in black, white, silver and gold stretches across the base. Pretty floral displays add a welcome pop of color to this classic color theme.

The photo banner is also something to behold.

The black round tables are simple and uncluttered, making it practical and convenient. Floating balloon centerpieces with swirls of white encompassing a golden interior, and little black button balloons on the base blissfully float above the tables. Dainty ribbons in the central color theme decorating their strings.

Isn’t this a lovely arrangement of decadent deserts? Liezl has artistically arranged tasty black and white macaroons and desert cakes alongside captivating flower combinations in peach and cream in beautiful glass jars with golden accents. She has tied together black, white and gold with little pops of ruby red and peach to create an arresting combination.

The birthday cake is a marvelous sculpture in cream, with a golden motif on the base and a ribbon trim on the upper tier. The desert names are displayed on a white label edged with gold, with a larger golden frame holding a message in the center.

In this neat arrangement, notice how the front row of deserts are placed on white platters and stands, while the ones behind occupy black pedestals? Every desert chosen for this occasion is a classic masterpiece, that looks too beautiful to bite into.

Milk chocolates are wrapped in customized “Celebrating sixty” wrappers with black and white pictures, similar to the backdrop of the desert buffet. Aren’t they the perfect treat for guests to take home and enjoy after the party?

Green party favors are a great idea, and guests from Linda’s party take home succulents tastefully wrapped in white burlap with a brown string. Each favor also includes a custom thank you note. It’s a brilliant party favor, that will quickly become a part of every guest’s home and remind them of Linda every time they see it.

As we come to the end of this lovely party, we hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we did. Great job Liezl, in planning every detail with artistic flair. We are sure that Linda will fondly remember this day in her life always.

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