70’s Theme Party – Bat Mitzvah

70’s Theme Party – Bat Mitzvah

The 1970’s was a decade of excitement, with bell-bottoms and discos making strides across the world. They were some of the most thrilling years of the century, and it was this era that Linzi of Linzi Events recreated at Jordana’s Bat Mitzvah. The mini Volkswagen, which became famous towards the mid of this decade, is featured throughout the décor, and the colorful palette highlights Jordana’s favorite color pink. Join us as we visit her Bat Mitzvah celebration, and travel back in time to an era that was too good to be true.

The invitation offers a sneak peek to the party theme, with a colorful die-cast Mini VW Station Wagon accompanying the pink and white invitation.

The traditional kippots are customized in pink, to match them to the color theme of the party.

The iconic peace symbol which was seen everywhere during the 70s, has been incorporated into key chains that display the place settings. A colorful and meaningful choice, their arrangement on a pink round table with towering floral balls is quite a sight!

Isn’t the arrangement at this hall simply splendid? The pink table cloth is beautifully complemented by stark white chairs, and the yellow lights in the background add an aura of warmth. The centerpieces are floating peace symbols, crafted out of colorful carnations, with whimsical butterflies fluttering towards them. Did you notice the original orange mini VW in the background? I’m very impressed by the artistic arrangement here.

Here is the stage where the entertainers will perform. In the backdrop is a pretty pink guitar and the mini VW station wagon that we earlier saw with the invitations.

The centerpieces feature a floral extravaganza at their base. Mini carnations and hydrangea in cheerful tropical colors add a vibrant touch to the table, and majestic butterflies spread their wings and take off towards the floral finesse above.

Every place setting has a pink napkin draped around the custom menu card, which features the peace symbol. Sitting proudly on the napkin is an adorable die cast mini VW car decorated with rainbows, flowers and butterflies. The arrangement is welcoming and I love the attention to detail.

There is a separate arrangement for the young children at the party. Their tables have colorful tie-die tablecloths, and the themed centerpieces hold a handful of vividly colored flowers in a square vase,  customized with miniature Volkswagen cars running up the sides.

The cake and desserts were also inspired by the same decade in focus. A rainbow of colors are incorporated into the frosting, to make brightly colored cupcakes arranged in tiers. The celebratory cake is a beautiful expression of color, with bright hues popping out on delightfully decadent chocolate and white tiers. The flowers, stripes and stars add bursts of color, while the cake topper is a vibrant peace sign, that integrates with the theme of the party.

Now here is a favor that is both functional and personal. All the guests get to take home T-shirts featuring the custom logo of a mini VW station wagon. The logo in white makes an interesting combination with the bright green and navy colors of the Tees.

As we come to the end of this lively party, all I can say is that was fantastic! I am sure Jordana had the time of her life, and kudos to Linzi for planning it so well.

Here are a few perfect peace sign favors:  personalized peace sign mint tins and personalized trinket holders.