90th Birthday Favor Ideas

90th Birthday Favor Ideas

Gifting 90th birthday party favors is a sweet custom that honors the guests at a milestone birthday celebration. It is also a thoughtful way to express gratitude to the people who made the effort to attend the birthday celebration.  So, if you are hosting a 90th birthday party, here are some ideas for amazing party favors that everyone will love.

Printable seed packets – Plant party favors are very trendy due to their eco-friendly nature and usefulness. So, impress your guests with wildflower, herb seeds or flowering plant seeds as 90th birthday party favors. Gift them in printed packets with customized labels that coordinate with the event. You can even DIY the packets using a printable template and fill it with the chosen seeds. Make it into an interesting display by placing the packets in bamboo or wooden containers called the “Baskets of Promise” and arranging it at the exit.

90th Birthday Party Seed Packs

Photo Mint Tins – Everyone will get a big kick out of favors showing the guest of honor.   Mint tins come in black and white with a custom full-color label that is placed on top of the tin.  Inside the tin are small white mints.  You may select a recent photo or one that dates back to childhood.

90th Birthday Favors - Photo Mint Tins

Aromatherapy party favors – Everyone loves things that smell good and more people are using essential oils and aromatherapy products these days. So, pamper your guests with aromatherapy gifts as your 90th birthday party favors, and it will be well-received.  Choose from bath bombs, scented candles, shower melts, bath oils, air fresheners or herb sachets. Or combine more than one of these items in a pretty goodie bag or customized box and display it at each table setting.   Lavender sachets are especially easy to make by combining two parts lavender to one part rice.  The rice is used as filler so that the sachet has a mild scent versus an overpowering one.   Next find some organza bags and fill them with the rice and lavender mixture.  You can find some great deals at PaperMart.com.

Cute kitchen tools – If the celebrant is a good cook, how about showcasing their passion for culinary arts with suitable 90th birthday party favors? Some ideas as kitchen scales, mixing tools, spatulas, oven mitts and aprons. Or make it interesting by placing different kitchen tools in an oven mitt and wrapping it in pretty packaging.   Match the oven mitt to the colors of the party and add a custom label. Your guests will love the idea and the cooking tools will become an indispensable part of their kitchen.90th Birthday Party Favors

DIY Vanilla extract – Homemade vanilla extract is simply divine and always better than what you buy in a store. Bottle up some vanilla extract and gift this goodness to the guests at your 90th birthday party as a special surprise. All you need to make it are high-quality vanilla pods and some alcohol like vodka or bourbon. Follow a reliable recipe to prepare the extract. Then find adorable bottles and bottle up the liquid once it is ready. This gourmet gift is guaranteed to impress. You can even make it months in advance as the longer it sits, the more the flavor matures. And a teeny bit will make your guests’ baking experiments more interesting, all thanks to you!  Here is a recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction for homemade vanilla extract.Homemade Vanilla Extract


Custom Stemless Wine Glasses – These are great keepsakes that can be used to hold little trinkets or jewelry.  They are top-rack dishwasher safe and the imprint stays on the glass very well.90th birthday favors glasses