Analia’s Ballet Birthday

Analia’s Ballet Birthday

A ballet party is perfect for little girls who love to sing and dance, and this is what Analia’s parents wanted for her birthday. Yanilka of My Little Angel Decorations,¬†with her wonderful ideas, impressed all the big and small ballerinas at Analia’s big celebration! Join me as I take a closer look at what this brilliant event planner from Lawrence, Massachusetts came up with.

Ballet Decorations

The stage is set with vivid hues of blue and purple. Beautiful metal wire dress forms wearing fluffy blue tutus form impressive displays beside an extravagant candy buffet. Crystal encrusted trays, glasses and centerpiece stands look glamorous against the deep jewel tones on the table. The lavish spread is neatly arranged on a ruffled purple satin table cover, against an illuminated screen with the event title in purple.

Ballet CakeAt the center of the buffet is a magnificent tiered cake. The top and bottom levels are embellished with luxe blue roses as frosting. The middle tier with a polished purple finish features a monogram on a silver plaque. It has a crystal band and a beautiful satin bow on either side. A pair of silver ballet pumps are the cake topper.



This is a picture of sheer opulence! Everything from the rich pink and blue bouquets to lavish crystal details and towering floral arrangements on crystal stands reflect an air of indulgence and excitement.


Isn’t Yanilka’s attention to detail simply amazing! Notice how ornate hand-held mirrors and other pretty trinkets enhance the beauty of the shoe and ballet dress cookies. It is a well-executed display.


We can also find many monogram A’s like the one here, at various positions on the table. Strands of silver beads and flower buds enrich the lovely display.


A variety of flower arrangements in containers of different shapes and sizes add textural finesse to the arrangement. Notice how the mini fondant cakes are decorated with pretty ballerina toppers that tie it to the theme!


Here is another incredible display! The ornate ‘A’ monogram has floral accents and silver pearl decorations, and is highlighted on a circular marble base.


Fancy gift boxes with purple and gold prints house pretty cake pops. The ballerina icon appears on each cake in the display. Don’t you think that these cake pops look too good to eat with their beautiful green satin bows and the silver ballerina? With a touch of glamour and several intricate details, Analia’s ballet birthday party was a feast for the eyes! I am sure this is one birthday that Analia and her parents will always remember fondly!