Angel Themed Party – Birthday And Christening

Angel Themed Party – Birthday And Christening

A baby’s christening is a big event in her life, and it was even more special for Little Maria because her christening coincided with her first birthday. Emnie from Isabel’s Confetti did a perfect job putting together an Angel Theme party for Maria, and it was spectacular and enchanting. Take a look at the fantastic ideas she used at this party and see how beautiful it was for yourself.

The party was based on an angelic combination of baby pink and white as the color theme. Soft and sweet, the candy buffet was a haven of various sweets on white platters and in tall glass jars. Angel wings framed the backdrop, forming a befitting display for the holy event. I love the way Emnie’s mixed lace and satin to add a dainty touch to the glass jars, and how the cake marries together a clean sculpted layer with one that is a flourish of flowery textures.

Despite sticking to a palette of just pink and white, there is still a variety of sweets to indulge in. Marshmallows, mints, bonbons and more sweet treats create pretty pops of pink and white that are just perfect for the color theme of the party.

The guests are welcome to snack on angel cookies resting on a white platter of glossy white pearls. Lining the base of the stand are wispy feathers, so the angels look like they are floating on white cotton clouds. Notice the amazing details—the ruffled skirts of the angels, and wings with little designs decorating them.

Frosted letter cookies feature the letter “M” for Marie with cute strands of pearls adorning their feet. Elevated on a crystal clear cake stand decorated with round candies, the entire arrangement is very beautiful.

Here is a two-tier cake that is too good to eat. The upper layer is a serene round layer in pink with the birthday girl’s name displayed on a clear white base, with little details adding sophistication. This layer is balanced on a ruffled base of blooming roses. It is an unusual combination, but one that is balanced and interesting. Adding the finishing touches to this fabulous cake is a beatific silver angel that forms the cake topper. As she balances herself on one foot, this silver figurine looks divinely delightful.

The treat jars are truly a treat to look at. Here, silky ribbons combine with delicate layers of lace and soft glossy pearls to form a stunning combination of textures on the glass jar lids, ones that are simply gorgeous.

A classic white frame with an inner beaded edge displays the birthday wish for the little girl in pretty pink prints. It is simple, yet stylish.

Wasn’t that a pleasant and perfectly planned candy buffet that would make a little girl happy on her birthday? Thank you Emnie for sharing these ideas with us, it couldn’t be more beautiful!

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