April Fools Day Party

April Fools Day Party

Delicious cheese sandwiches, Sushi, and watermelon were some of the food served at a birthday party hosted by Beth of Beth Kruse Custom Creations.      The cheese sandwiches look delicious with slightly browned bread with melted cheese inside.  A childhood treat, usually served with a piping bowl of tomato soup, you can bet that the guests devoured them.    Wait a minute, something looks fishy with these sandwiches.  In fact, the joke is on us, as Beth really hosted an April Fools Day party for her mother’s 60th birthday celebration.  The photos and ideas displayed below are just some of the ones featured at her party, so be sure to check out her blog.

Of all of the April Fools day surprises, these grilled cheese sandwiches looked most like the food it was supposed to represent.    This is actually pound cake with frosting.  It looks like Beth even browned the pound cake to make it realistic.

You don’t have to worry about eating raw fish when diving into this Sushi platter.  The rice is actually a shaped Rice Krispie Treat that is wrapped with Fruit by the Foot fruit roll ups.  The fish is either a gummy worm or gummy fish.

If you are looking to bite into a delicious burger with all of the fixings, you will have to go somewhere else.  These burgers start with a thin mint cookie died with green coconut.   Thin mints are generally sold seasonally by girl scouts, but there are pages of copy cat cookies simply by looking up the term “thin mint girl scout cookie recipe”   There is even one that is gluten free on elanaspantry.com.   The one on All Recipes.com has 53 reviews showing an average rating of four out of five stars, so I would probably try that tone.   The bun is two Nilla Wafers with frosting as the ketchup and mustard.

Have a great April Fools day and think of this party theme for someone in your life with a great sense of humor.  He or she will love the effort that you put into creating this fun surprising event.   The guests will also be talking about it for months to come.

Do you want to see more faux food like watermelon, chicken nuggets and french fries, bacon and eggs, popcorn?  Be sure to visit Beth Kruse Custom Creations for some truly creative ideas for a wonderful April Fools Day bash.  The link is in bold at the top of this post.