Art Themed Bat Mitzvah

Art Themed Bat Mitzvah

Laura of Party Perfect Orlando executed a brilliant and beautiful art themed Bat Mitzvah for her daughter Emma—the setting was innate and resembled a museum or art gallery with every detail created with perfection. Let us walk into this evening of art and feast our eyes on the grandeur.

The dessert buffet is a medley of sweets in bright colors. The lighting in pink creates a magical atmosphere for the candyland set up. The blues and yellow hues of the sweets in tall clear jars are intensified by this background lighting. The assortment of skittles, chocolate truffles, sour straws, lollipops, jellybeans and more are as pretty as a sweet shop display of the days of yore.

This is one of the many beautiful art displays that are used throughout the décor.  An ornate frame with intricate designing in old gold is used to draw attention to the magic that colors can create with a single image. The entire collection which is strung in five rows, showcases an image of Emma in a number of color schemes.  What makes this especially interesting is that images were actually RSVP cards that guests had painted.  The invitation included a small watercolor paint set and guests were asked to get creative with paints as part of the RSVP.  The results were too gorgeous not to display at the event, and so that piece was created by Laura, of Party Perfect Orlando.  In addition, guests could go over and find their painting in the frame.  What a wonderful keepsake!

Here are some art displays, all of which were created by Emma, that are a flurry of color on a vivid yellow base. An array of table runners in a fluorescent rainbow of colors add to the excitement. They are set against a background that displays two Renaissance masterpieces, which are in muted tones and a striking contrast to the rest of the exhibits.  It is clear why Emma selected the art theme for her Bat Mitzvah.

The table settings are a work of art in itself. Jewel gold overlays and turquoise table linens set the base for lavish gold dinnerware and cutlery on this table. Standing tall in the center of each table is a unique masterpiece of fine art or sculpture, including a picture of the guest of honor.  We have to appreciate the amount of effort that has gone into making each table a unique display with different centerpieces.

The chairs in gold are embellished with flags with customized motiffs for the occasion.

The beverages are served with pink and white striped straws decorated with cute straw flags.

Even the food had the art theme incorporated into signage.  I love this S’mores Bar…So creative.

Isn’t this a wonderful party favor? The guests on the occasion are gifted with framed art that is just the right size to display on the mantel, wall or a shelf and add a touch of color to the location.  They also served as place card holders to direct guests to their seats.

That was a fabulous party, and Emma must have been really pleased. Laura and Debbie have done a splendid job creating this art-theme party that everyone, whether an art enthusiast or not, would appreciate!  Check out Perfect Party Orlando for many more great photos.

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