Veggie Tray

With summer winding down, I have been attending many outdoor parties and picnics.  One of my favorite things to bring is a veggie tray, as many of my friends are always looking to munch on heathy items.   My previous “go to” was to purchase a tray at a grocery store or Costco, however, I found […]

90th Birthday Favor Ideas

Gifting 90th birthday party favors is a sweet custom that honors the guests at a milestone birthday celebration. It is also a thoughtful way to express gratitude to the people who made the effort to attend the birthday celebration.  So, if you are hosting a 90th birthday party, here are some ideas for amazing party […]

Top 10 80th Birthday Party Favors Ideas

We have some 80th birthday party ideas to honor your favorite octogenarian.   We have a variety of DIY options as well as 80th birthday party favors for sale.  They key to selecting the perfect souvenirs is to consider the preferences of both the guest of honor as well as the actual guests.  Here are our […]

Top 10 Class Reunion Ideas

Here are the top 10 class reunion ideas, based on my experience on the planning committee of our 40th high school reunion.  Decoration credit goes to Diane Winton, the mastermind behind all of the decorations and room plan.  Incorporate objects from our high school days on the tables throughout the room.   As you can see […]

Top 20 70th Birthday Party Favors

Are you looking for elegant 70th birthday favors that your guests will love?  We have compiled a list of the top 70th birthday party favors: 1. Wine Glasses – These glasses are great for toasting the guest of honor as well as holding small items after the party.  Many people choose to fill the glasses […]

20’s Great Gatsby Decoration Ideas – DIY

If you are looking for 20s theme prom decorations, check out CC Party Designs creative centerpieces, photo props and other party decor.  A celebration of 100 years makes the Great Gatsby theme so popular.  While many students tend to purchase ready-made prom kits, with a bit of creativity,  you can make your own.  Christine and […]

Easy Apple Crisp

I was invited to a Hanukkah party and asked to bring a healthy-ish dessert.   After scouring the internet for easy recipes, I decided to ask my Facebook friends for ideas.  The first comment was from Beth, and I knew that it was a winner.  Here is what she said: “My favorite recipe is from a […]

How to Cook Delicata Squash

Many of my friends and family are vegetarian, so when I was invited to a family gathering, I decided to find something that would be unique and interesting.   During a visit to Trader Joe’s, one of the staff members told me about Delicata squash.  He said that it was sweeter than most and you could […]

Sweet 16 Grippy Socks

Even while totally exhausted after a Sweet 16 party, our beautiful customer took the time to show off the grippy socks that she ordered from us.  An epic photo, we were thrilled to see our socks, especially because we rarely get the chance to see what people do with our favors. If you would like […]

Weight Watchers Cabbage Soup

With so many of my friends trying to lose weight, this veggie packed dish,  known as Weight Watcher Cabbage Soup is a great pot-luck option.  There are lots of recipes and they are all basically the same with a few adaptations.  Here is one I like. This soup is so versatile and you can throw […]