Baby Shower Candy Buffet

Baby Shower Candy Buffet

In throwing your next baby shower, consider having guests create their own party favors. Do so by including a candy buffet at the shower. That way, every individual, from the smallest child to the oldest adult, can only bring home candy they know they’ll enjoy. (They can also help themselves to candy during the shower.)  A bonus to having a candy buffet is that it is generally serves as a big part of your decorations as well. We offer lots of ideas and photos to help you create the perfect baby shower candy buffet.   Johnna from Spoonful of Sugar Candy Buffets was kind enough to let me show you her photos  to give you inspiration for your own table.

Pink Girl Candy Buffet: For a “girly” candy table, consider pink, red, and white M&M’s, pink and red Starbursts, red lollipops, and twizzlers, just to name a few possibilities. (Provide pink cellophane bags for guests to place their candy in, and give them silver twist ties to close them.)

Gender Reveal: For a gender neutral party, have white and yellow candy adorn your table. Possibilities include lemon heads, gumballs, taffy, and chocolate covered almonds. (Remember that if you include nuts in any of the candy, you’ll need to place these in a separate jar and clearly label it so that guests with potential nut allergies can still participate.)

Boy Blue Baby Shower Buffet – Colorful candy is the most fun, and you can stick to one color or a family of colors. Just be sure to label each jar or bowl so guests know what they’re getting. To create a “boys'” candy table, use various shades of blue candies. Include a jar of blue airheads, light and dark blue jellybeans (Jelly Belly has a variety of flavors that come in many shades of blue), blue gummy candy, and York pieces, a miniature version of the famous peppermint patty. As with the other party bags, you’ll want to provide cellophane bags with blue designs, even considering designs that match your party decorations.

Decorating the Table: You’ll want large containers to hold the candy, and glass or clear plastic jars are an excellent option. Tie a rattle or pacifier to the top of each jar to add to the decorative effect. (Use pastel pink, blue, or yellow ribbon depending on the gender of the baby. This ribbon can be used to hang balloons throughout the room as well.) Also spread confetti on the table between the jars. Consider teddy bears, bottles, or even clothespin confetti. Or, if you’d like to use large glass bowls instead of jars, hang stuffed animals over the side of each bowl. Try to find animals that go with a particular theme, such as bears, farm animals, or even jungle animals. That way, you can use the theme throughout the rest of the party as well.