Baby Shower Notepad Favors

Baby Shower Notepad Favors

Whether you make or buy them, baby shower note pad favors are greatly appreciated by guests. Giving shower favors with a baby theme can be tricky, because not all guests have babies or appreciate baby trinket decorations.  However, note pads are so functional, that all of your shower attendees will use them. There are a variety of baby paper we will explore including: sticky note pads, magnetic list pad loose baby paper in a holder and more.

Bound Notepad Sheets: These are the most popular type of notepad favors. They are like typical notepads that have a glue binding. You can create your own with a pad of paper and decorative card stock, stickers and bows.

Sticky Note Holder: Cute baby theme sticky note holders are readily available. You can also make your own using standard note pads from office supply stores, Target, Walmart and even dollar stores.

Magnetic List Pads: These are my favorite type of baby shower favors to give. Most guests place them on their refrigerators and use them for making grocery lists. I find most of my note pads at Target in the dollar bin. The designs tend to be seasonal, like this snowman. Target bins usually have several illustrations available, including lots of flower design list pads in the spring.   Couple this gift with a magnetic pen, and your guests will have a complete and functional favor.

Spiral Notebooks:    So handy,  you can find them at just about any office supply store. The Target dollar bin also has them on occasion. You can purchase them inexpensively and create  your own custom label on the computer.

Loose Paper in Holder: Having loose paper within a holder keeps your notes organized. You an find note holders at great prices at stationary and office stores. Colored paper in pastel pink or blue adds a nice touch. You may also wish to look at a scrapbook store for some baby embellishments like feet, rattles, teddy bears, rocking horses, or any other shape that fits your baby shower theme.

Post It Notes: Find Post It Notes in many shapes and put them in a pretty cello bag with a custom tag.    These pads happen to be on sale right now at many stores because of the push for back to school items.   In fact, I saw some in cute pastel colors for $1.00 each.  Everyone can use them and will appreciate their practicality.