Baptism and Christening Ornaments

Baptism and Christening Ornaments

With Christmas right around the corner, giving Baptism or Christening ornaments as favors is a great choice.   There are many options from which to choose, whether you purchase or make them.   First let’s look at what is available for purchase:

1.  Inexpensive Shatterproof Ornaments – Made of acrylic, these beauties are a great price for a personalized item at only $2.19 – $2.89 each depending upon the quantity.   You can also purchase an organza bag if you would like an extra special presentation.

2.  Photo Ornaments – A picture of your beautiful baby can grace the front of an elegant ceramic ornament.     Just find a high-resolution image of your little one and your image will be a lasting reminder of this day for all of your guests for years to come.

3.  Glass and Resin Ornaments – There are a variety of glass ornaments ranging from your standard personalized balls to elegant crosses.    A less expensive alternative are made from a hard plastic, poly-resin.

Making Ornaments:

Simple Salt Dough Ornaments – Making your own ornaments can be very easy with a salt dough recipe consisting of salt, water and flour.  You can involve the entire family in the process of making the dough to cutting out the cookies.  All you need are some fun holiday shape cookie cutters for a project that is virtually fool-proof.   Here is a site with specific directions for creating these beauties.

Photo Ornaments – Adding a photo of the new little one to an ornament is such a cute idea.  There are many websites that display a variety of ways to incorporate a photo within an ornament.   From using a pair of tweezers to insert a photo into a round glass ornament, to making a flat ornament using mod podge, you are sure to find a DIY option that you can handle.

Painted Ornaments – Find some clear glass ball ornaments and paint.  There is very specific paint for glass, so be sure to check with a craft store, like Michael’s, to get some guidance.  You can also pick up a pen that writes on glass.  Create  your own design, whether you choose a religious theme like a cross or angel, or you go with more of a holiday theme.  Use a funnel to fill with fake snow sprinkles, colorful candy beads, sand or anything else that would easily pour into a glass ornament, and you have yourself a finished favor.  There are lots of How To tutorials online, so just use Google to find the type of ornament you with to create.  Pinterest is another excellent source for finding great ideas.  They have a search function as well.