Baptism and Communion Cakes

Baptism and Communion Cakes

Baptisms and holy communions are events to celebrate religion with pomp and show. A splendid cake plays a remarkable role in adding beauty to the event. Irma Dinkha of Beautiful Cakes Chicago has done a wonderful job in creating some masterpieces that are ideal for such events. And, here they are!

This pink rose baptism cake is beauty at its finest. Gorgeous pink roses with exquisite etched details are sprinkled along the tiers of a  marble pink base. A sash of silky frosting engulfs the tiers while little butterflies flutter amidst the flowers. The towering cross in the center and the lettering at the base complete this amazing work of art.

This cake is a subtle expression of elegance. White roses and blue blossoms pose in proper positions on a resplendent drape of pristine white. Little bubbles garland the base of each tier, while the holy cross in pale blue marks the splendor of the occasion.

Here’s a cake with a vibrant combination of colors, perfect for the holy communion of a little boy. Set on a chocolate colored base, the green grapes and pink silk tumble down gracefully. Brown beads on each tier add depth to the design and the light pink hue of the holy cross glows from far above.

Blue isn’t a colour we normally associate with a girl. But here is a striking cake display in teal that is distinctly feminine. Red silky bows and white chrysanthemums render grace to the bright cake. The ornate cross is a befiting addition that lights up this charming design.

The classic combination of blue and white is displayed prominently in this communion cross cake. While flawless white is used throughout the frosting and on the cross in the center, pretty blue roses add an enchanting dose of color to the cake. The frosting of shells add a magical touch to the layers and bring the borders of the cake to life.

Look at this delightful sculpture polished to perfection! The simple smooth frosting on the square tiers has been beautifully adorned with little specks of silver and white. Classic white roses add a bouquet of style to either layer and the silk ribbons and lettering in navy blue add the finishing touches to this marvellous design.

Isn’t this a beautiful baptism cake for a blessed little girl! This precious pink cake will make any princess proud. Here a single tier is decorated with a shower of flowers that float in a sea of pellucid pink.

This beautiful cake beckons blessings from the sky for the little baby.  Adorable little moons, stars and planets keep watch over a little baby who rests his sleepy head on a glossy wave of white. The mixture of colors on the white base are divine and just perfect for a baby’s baptism. It would also be wonderful for a baby shower.   Little details like the flowering blossoms and baby booties make the cake an enchanting one.

Brilliant detailing in blue and white make this baptism cake perfect eye-candy. The designed cross and the lettering on the top are beautifully complimented by the bow on the polka dot base. The stark white of the combination is further emphasized by the shade of blue that is just appropriate for this design.

Irma from Beautiful Cakes Chicago is quite the artist.  Hopefully you have been inspired to make cakes like these.  If you live in the Chicago area, you can simply hire Beautiful Cakes Chicago to create one.