Baptism Decoration Ideas – Lamb Girl Theme

Baptism Decoration Ideas – Lamb Girl Theme

Wouldn’t a cute sheep theme party be adorable to celebrate the holy baptism of a dear baby? Priscilla Pandolfo of provides us with some wonderful ideas to make this possible. Let us look at the sheep party she created for little Miguel and borrow some great ideas.

Just look at this woolly wonderland of treats! The soft hues of white and beige are used throughout the buffet table and vibrant yellow peeps out in places to add color that doesn’t overwhelm. The entire arrangement replicates a herd of fluffy grazing sheep scattered throughout a farm. The soft textures used in this arrangment make it an adorable setting. Little sheep swing above the buffet table, while there are others that are snuggled and silent. Beneath the table are more woolly friends who play amidst balls of yarn, and the setting is complete with sheep mobiles and rocking sheep on either side. The flower arrangement is a blend of yellow roses and white hydrangea that go beautifully with this theme. What a brilliant arrangement!

Isn’t this a darling little cake? The color of the fondant and the lamb seated on top match perfectly. The little bows on each tier and the pearly white embellishments add a soft charm.

Here is an arrangement of soft and sweet treats. The cupcakes have puffy sheep toppers relaxing in an elegant cupcake stand. A fluffy friend all dressed up in a shiny satin bow accompanies them.

These sheep cake pops are real popping fun. The white confetti sprinkles and the little lamb faces make the herd interesting. The yellow satin bows add the finishing touches to make it a pretty display.

Cookie pops have been customized two ways. The first is with the party boy’s initial and the frosting on it has little clouds on a pale yellow background. The second set has a flock of little sheep that look too good to eat!

These edible treats are also wonderful additions to the décor. Priscilla shows us how to play with a neutral color palette and create magic through these interesting creations by focusing on the textures to create the intended effect.

This endearing little lamb seems to be exhausted after all the fun. As he snuggles into a cage of white decorated with yellow satin, the entire effect is dramatic.

The party favors are just amazing. Sweets stacked in a tube decorated with a sheep print, burlap tied with yellow satin and a simple yellow bow make a befitting gift to the guests at the occasion.

is exemplary! With these great ideas you can create a party both the guests and the baby would immensely enjoy.