Baptism Decorations

Baptism Decorations

In planning for your child’s Baptism party, you want to be sure to have the decorations reflect both the celebratory and religious nature of the event.  If you’re decorating your home or a reception hall, you may have more options.  Consider the following in choosing your Baptism decorations:

  • Flowers add color and elegance to any party.  You may wish to have bouquets on the tables or a few large vases throughout the room.  You can also spread flower petals on tables or walkways to create a more festive feeling.  Custom vases can also be used and taken home as favors.

Photo:  Shalimar Flower Shop

  • Balloons: Like flowers, balloons can add color and fun to a gathering.  You may choose to order pastel colored or silver balloons, as these are often colors associated with a Baptism ceremony.  Some stores may even offer novelty Baptism balloons, which you can include in any arrangement.
  • Place settings: If you plan to serve a meal or even dessert at your party, you’ll want to include matching plates, napkins, and silverware.  You’ll want to be sure they match the colors found in your centerpieces and other decorations.  You can also include crystal glasses for punch and name cards if there will be a formal meal.

Photo Tracy Hunter

  • The cake: Whether you choose to have one large cake or a number of smaller cakes, this dessert can be a decoration itself.  You may wish to include elaborate designs in the frosting, as well as a picture of the child who was baptized.  Place the cake (or cakes) on a table in a prominent position in the room so that guests will walk by it numerous times.

Photo:  mags20_eb