Baptism Gift Ideas

Baptism Gift Ideas

If you are looking for Baptism gift ideas, we offer lots of suggestions for both practical and meaningful ones.    There are so many Baptismal gifts available, it is important to consider the parents’ personalities and needs.    Here are some popular items that tend to be well-received.

Music Boxes:  There are a lot of options for this sweet gift.  You can purchase a pretty pink or blue music box with a soothing melody.   There are also music boxes with prayers for a new baby on them.  This is such a popular gift because it is perfect for holding important religious objects like a baby’s first rosary or jewelry.

Photo Albums:  Where there’s a baby, lots of pictures will follow.  That’s why giving the new mother and father a photo album is especially practical.  They are widely available in a variety of sizes.    Albums that hold 4”x 6” photos are especially functional, as this size is most popular for prints.  Personalized photo albums are available at specialty stores, but you will need to order them in advance to ensure that they arrive in time for the Baptism.  You can also personalize a generic album by inserting a note or special prayer on the first page.

Blankets: Who wouldn’t want their newborn wrapped in a blanket with a prayer embroidered on it?  You can find this meaningful gift online by searching “baptism blankets” or “personalized baby blankets.”   Simply displaying the new baby’s name is also an appreciated gift.   If you happen to be good at embroidery, you can save lots of money by adding the customization yourself.

Baby Bibles: This significant keepsake is available with a number of cover materials from leather to cloth.  Some stores provide personalization of the cover for a lovely finished gift.

Wall Hangings: This gift offers so many possibilities.  From personalized ceramic crosses to framed prayers, you are sure to be able to find a style that fits the family.  Some of the most popular plaques include engraved silver or chrome crosses, personalized ceramic tiles and custom mini ceramic plates.

Embroidered Towel or Bib: Both of these items are used so regularly, that they make perfect Baptism gifts.   There are websites offering both of these items, complete with cross embroidery and personalization.

Gift Card: Select couple’s favorite store for baby goods.   Ideas include:  Babies R Us, Target, JC Penny, Meijer, Carters, Gymboree, or any other store the new parents frequent.  You can also designate your wishes for the gift, from a special outfit or outerwear, to a practical item like a baby monitor.

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