Baptism Party Ideas for a Baby Girl

Baptism Party Ideas for a Baby Girl

If you are looking for baptism party ideas for a baby girl, this lovely party created by Peny of Elite Events Athens will give you much inspiration.    With lovely and unique decorations, desserts and centerpieces in shades of pink, you are sure to come away with some thoughts for hosting your own christening or baptism party.

Decorations: The white and pink decorations for this party create a fun, girly feel.

Long-stemmed roses hang from the ceiling, looking elegant and smelling wonderful.

Balloon bouquets are spread throughout the room and include dark pink balloons with white polka dots, as well as white and light pink balloons.  Elite Events also created beautiful wreathes, which are white and hang from the rafters.  These wreathes are hung with pink and white tulle and have ribbons trailing down from them.  Some of the wreathes also include paper flowers and/or dresses to pull the entire room together.

Desserts: This dessert table has many options, all of which are beautiful and decorative.  Cake pops are frosted in the pink and white colors found throughout the party and finished off with a tiny ribbon tied into a bow.

There are many cookies, each with unique designs and following the same color patterns.  Some have frosted flowers on top, while others are in the shape of a stroller or heart (complete with the frosted name of the guest of honor).

There is even a candy jar, complete with containers for guests to fill as they wish.

A multi-tiered cupcake tower completes the look, with individual chocolate cupcakes frosted with white frosting and topped with a candied polka dot dress.

Another inspired idea by Peny  is to have the gown and shoes from the actual baptism ceremony as part of the decorations.    I love how the gown is displayed upright for all to see.  It also adds height and interest to the table.

Centerpieces: Floral bouquets and white candles in a number of shapes and sizes top each table.  The flowers are each placed in a clear glass vase, which contains small white rocks and water.  To pull the look together, each bouquet includes a stuffed pink polka dot dress on the end of a stick.  These dresses can be found throughout the entire party.

Thanks again to Elite Events for allowing me to show off this beautiful party.  If you are lucky enough to live in Athens, you have a great event planing source.