Baptism Souvenirs – Ideas for Inexpensive Christening Favors

Baptism Souvenirs – Ideas for Inexpensive Christening Favors

A Baptism party should be a memorable event, as the experience occurs only once in a lifetime.  Any of the following create perfect Baptism souvenirs:

Picture frames: You can purchase frames in bulk at your local craft store.  Whether they are wooden, or silver, you can decorate them for the event.  Place the name of the baptized child on the front of the frame, along with the date of the celebration.  (You may either paint these details onto the frame or attach decals with a hot glue gun.)  Then, during the party, take pictures of your guests with the newly baptized child so they will have a photo to put inside the frame.   Here are a couple of cute frames that can also be used as place card holders.  They are small and come in a pink gown or blue outfit design.

Cross bookmarks: Whether you order them online or make them yourself, bookmarks are useful for everyone.  Choose a color scheme and paint the crosses in these colors.  Be sure the material is hardy enough to last, such as cardboard or thick plastic.  You may even wish to seal or laminate the souvenirs so they won’t be damaged.   If you are looking to purchase cross bookmarks, there are several elegant ones that your guests will love:

Ornaments: Religious ornaments, either in the shape of angels, doves, or crosses, will be brought out each year and remind guests of your celebration.  You can choose colored glass, clear glass, or even plastic ornaments.  (If your party decorations are all one or two colors, you can choose one of these colors and buy the colored glass ornaments.  Then you can put bowls or vases full of ornaments on each table as a centerpiece, encouraging guests to take one on their way out.) Using a marker or paint, place the date of the baptism on the bottom of each ornament.    Purchasing ornaments can be just as cost effective.  The ornament shown below ranges between $2.19 and $2.89 and comes custom with the name of the guest of honor and Baptism date.  You can also choose from a variety of graphics including an angel, cross, or dove.

Trinket boxes – These are one of my favorite types of favors because they are both decorative and functional.     The angel box shown below comes in both pink and blue.    For a more neutral look, the silver cross is a great option.  Another advantage of giving guests trinket boxes, as they make great table decorations.