Bar Mitzvah and Birthday Grippy Socks

Bar Mitzvah and Birthday Grippy Socks

If there is a really cool party favor that guests can actually use at an event and also take home to use again, it is grippy socks. So, it is no wonder that these soft and comfortable, non-skid socks are popular gifts for every type of celebration.  What’s even better is that the customization option allows you to match it to the theme and colors of your celebration. So, you can have Sweet 16 grippy socks or Bar Mitzvah grippy socks with colors and messages that tie to your party theme.  Party planners Amber Corbett and Tiffany Summerville of Amber Summer decided to use our personalized grippy socks as favors at Amber’s Sweet 18 birthday party, and her guests had the opportunity to experience the plush comfort of these beauties.

Bar Mitzvah Grippy Socks

Take a look! Don’t you just love this clean and innovative display idea! Customized to match the party colors, the sweet 18 grippy socks are in black with a funky pink imprint on the non-skid sole. Neatly folded with the print facing upwards, they are stacked within a clear display box with silver rims and a top handle. Guests have to simply lift the lid and treat themselves to warm and cozy comfort when they need it.

Amber Summer Parties

Personalized grippy socks with frame

This dazzling silver photo frame with the charming message “For shoe emergencies only” adds a flourish to the display. We are sure that the guests at Amber’s party loved the whole idea and put the gift to good use. After all, there was lots of dancing at the party and soft grippy socks are the best solution for tired, achy feet after a day of fun.