Basketball Birthday Party – Glow in the Dark

Basketball Birthday Party – Glow in the Dark

Monique of Bash Party Styling created a fabulous glow-in-the-dark basketball party for Aiden and Anden’s birthday. Light up the night at your next birthday bash with simple, yet exquisite ideas from this tournament of fun and excitement.

The central buffet is a flourish of fluorescent finesse. The black background is illuminated by a frenzy of neon colors and pops of white. The basketball holder in the centre forms a towering orange spectacle that is complimented by effervescent hues of green in the rest of the arrangement.

From further afar, the multicolored experience is even more dramatic. The eerie black scene is lit up with the radiance of white bursts of light and flecks of color all around. Bright balloons in various hues brighten up the basketball court floor and draw focus to the banner that reads “A vs A.”

Here is a brilliant idea. Cupcakes with white frosting are arranged in an orderly fashion, with each one encircled by a circular glow connector in blue. The entire arrangement radiates a glow, forming an amazing display.

Look at this dazzling arrangement created with a bunch of neon sticks in an assortment of colors! These have been piled into a plain glass container and placed atop a fluorescent green base. Although this is a simple arrangement, it is one that is eye-catching!

In the darkness of the tournament area, these chocolate cupcakes resemble little glowworms that radiate warmth and indicate their presence with fiery style.

Monique has perfected every detail. The tournament players can help themselves to water bottles customized with neon labels. These have been lined up neatly to create an impressive display in the dark.

An assortment of candy treats beckon the enthusiastic players. They have been arranged in bowls that look ordinary to the normal eye. But wait till it turns dark, and you will see them come alive as they  reflect color! All it takes is a circular connector at the base of the bowl to create this wonderful illusion of color—now, isn’t that an idea worth borrowing!

How thrilling was all that whirlwind of color? I’m certain that the twins had an amazing birthday bash that they will remember for long. Thank you Monique for treating us to this astonishing basketball party with a twist, and sharing your impressive ideas.