Bee Baby Shower Favors

Bee Baby Shower Favors

Do you need bee baby shower favors for your favorite mother-to-be?  Your guests will be buzzing about the gifts that they get to take home if you select any of the  ideas we show you below.    They will  not be able to bee-lieve that you were so thoughtful and generous.   You can either make or purchase favors including:

Bee Cookies: These are so easy to make using your favorite sugar cookie recipe.  You can even buy cookie dough, but I think that homemade tastes so much better and doesn’t involve many more steps than store-bought dough.  Cut your dough in the shape of bees and then place stripes of frosting on top of each one.  (These stripes can be black and yellow, or they can match the colors of the shower decorations.)  Then, put the date of the shower on each cookie.  Wrap each one individually in cellophane and tie it shut with a piece of ribbon.   There are some cute cookie cutters showing a top view and side view of a bee.  They range in price from Ebay at $1.00 to at $7.95 each.  Search the term “bee cookie cutter” to find a variety.

Honey Favors

Personalized jars of honey make a great take home gift for your guests.  You can purchase them, complete with personalized labels as shown below or can purchase small glass jars in bulk and then get a large tub of honey.   Place the honey in the jars and decorate the jars by painting a bee on the side.  For a finishing touch, create a tag with the date of the event and the mother-to-be’s name.  Then, punch a hole in the tag and tie a pink or blue ribbon through it and around the lid of the mini honey jar.  Candles are also a popular gift, especially ones that smell like honey.

Practical Bee Favors:   Bee Bags, candles, candy jars, pens are just a few items your guests will enjoy using.

Free-Bees: If you are a DIY kind of person these cute free printables are available on Lovely They are available in four colors, so whether you are having a boy, girl or gender-reveal party, you are all set with tags for your favors along with tents, straw tags, cupcake wrappers, treat bag toppers, and water bottle wraps.

Bee magnets: Small wooden hearts can instantly be turned into bumble bees. (The tip, or pointed end, of the hear should be the “head” of the bee.) Paint the hearts with black and yellow stripes and create tiny “wings” out of toole or mesh. Glue these to the little bees. Create a little black head from another bead, and you can even take small pieces of wire and curl them to create antennae. Once the paint and glue has dried, you can attach a small round magnet to the back of each bee.