Big Bang Bar Mitzvah

Big Bang Bar Mitzvah

Max’s Bar Mitzvah was inspired by one of the most loved comedy television series of all time—The Big Bang Theory. Organized by Linzi of Linzi Events, it was a stunning party, that brought together the best details of this top-rated TV show. Let us take a closer look at what made this evening a huge hit.

A screen displays “Max’s Big Bang Bar Mitzvah” in the TV show’s trademark title format, bang in the center. Illuminated with bright blue lighting, it has a cool vibe that is just party-perfect. The color palette is made of solid colors like red, green, yellow and orange, which are lavishly distributed in the floral table centerpieces and table cloths.

Equations and formulas make frequent appearances on the Big Bang theory show. Using this idea, the seating arrangement is done using curly brackets, square root symbols and normal brackets. We are sure that this will impress even the physicists on the show.

How colorful and fun is this arrangement, with brightly colored tablecloths draping the tables and disco lights dancing on the black curtains! Beautiful cubes made from black flower pots containing bright flowers of different colors, form the centerpieces.

The checkerboard disco floor is decorated with the customized logo that seamlessly integrates with the overall theme.

Every table is attractive with bold colors that compete against each other. Notice the Rubik’s cubes added as part of the table décor? I think the idea is just brilliant!

I must say this is a splendid arrangement of the brightest of blooms to form a spectacular centerpiece. Red, yellow and orange roses mix with green spider mums in monochromatic block-like arrangements, that come together to form a single entity of unsurpassed beauty.

As the lights change color, the overall effect is now entirely different. The soft glow of candles light up the subdued colors of the tables, making it serious and striking.

In another section of the hall, brightly colored sofas offer alternative seating. Black throw pillows with famous quotes from the show, decorate the couches. Behind them are bar-style round table arrangements. Fans of the show will easily recognize how this setting ties to the the Cheesecake Factory restaurant from the program, where one of the main characters, Penny worked. 

Party favors are delicious desserts that are neatly stacked and placed on a long table. Above it is a  large signboard that reads Cheese cake factory with Penny smiling down on the guests.

That brings us to the end of this very colorful party. Linzi has a special talent for finding the right mix of details that make the theme of the party obvious in every way. Great job!